10 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins - Plugin advertising WordPress is very important to increase advertising revenue. Not surprisingly, many WordPress users install various types of plugins to advertise on WordPress.

Installing ads on WordPress is fairly easy. You just need to install the plugin, the ad is installed on WordPress. Here are 10 of the best WordPress advertising plugins for ad management that you can try.
10 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins
Ad Inserter
Ad Inseter is one of the best wordpress advertising plugins that supports ad code in the form of HTML and Javascript and PHP. This plugin supports various types of ads such as Adsense and affiliates. If you want to place multiple ad units in a certain position, Ad Inserter is the right plugin.

Ad Inseter is available in two versions, the paid version and the free version. You can use the paid version or the free version with enough features to display ads like AdSense. For the free version, you can install up to 16 code slots. To locate the position, you can choose yourself either before the content, after the content, or put it in a ‘block’ of percent of your site's content. In fact, there are still options for displaying ads only on certain pages or posts and many other features.

Plugin advertising WordPress is the next best AdRotate. This plugin can be used to see impressions and clicks on your site's ads. In addition, you can also specify a schedule, for example, the plugin ad will appear after certain impressions or clicks. If the ad ends in accordance with the specified active period, you can set notifications via your e-mail or smartphone. Another feature that is no less interesting is that AdRotate can display advertisements based on a specific location.

Not there. With AdRotate, you can see the performance of all ads, for example CTR, daily and monthly statistics and can be exported into CSV files. In fact, this plugin can detect the use of ad blockers. If a visitor is detected using an ad blocker, an automatic notification will immediately appear asking the visitor to deactivate the ad blocker first. You can use AdRotate.

WP-Insert is one of the best WordPress advertising plugins that allows you to manage ads and perform optimizations such as Google Adsense. In addition to having a function to advertise, this plugin can also manage tracking code such as Google Analytics and A / B testing facilities to monitor the best performing ad position. Equipped with an algorithm, WP-Insert can be used to place ads in the middle of the content. You can use 20 widgets to advertise. Each widget can be set for scheduling. Ad placement can be at the top, bottom, right and left side of the content. WP-Insert supports various ad networks such as Chitika, Adsense, AdBrite and others

Advanced Ads 
The fourth best plugin advertising WordPress is Advanced Ads. This plugin is a powerful, simple, and lightweight solution for managing ads on WordPress. Not without reason, Advanced Ads are indeed created based on years of experience and knowledge about AdSense. 

Therefore, this plugin developer really understands where the best advertising area is to generate large revenue from AdSense. In addition to being able to display ad units directly from an AdSense account, this plugin can set the type and size of ads without logging into an AdSense account. Advanced Ads supports all types of AdSense ads, including the latest AdSense ads such as AdSense Matched Content etc. 

WP Quads Fifth is WP Quads. 
Besides being free, this best WordPress advertising plugin has a number of good reviews from the WordPress community. WP Quads has a solid codebase and a great group of users. There are a number of options for displaying advertisements on websites, including a number of dynamic visibility and positioning conditions. 

In addition, there are a number of tags to quickly enter ads throughout the website, and plugins support any ad code not only Google AdSense. Apart from not being dependent on external scripts, this plugin also allows you to display up to ten different ads on one page. Includes a number of shortcodes to help customize the plugin to your site. 

Quick AdSense As the name suggests, the best WordPress advertising plugins are indeed created for the management of Google AdSense ads. Quick AdSense is a popular plugin for a fast and flexible method for entering Google AdSense ad code or other ad code into WordPress. 

Having a simple setup and configuration page, you don't need a lot of coding knowledge when using this plugin. Just copy and paste the AdSense code, check & select the option, the plugin will do the rest. Quick AdSense provides standard ad position settings, but can also display ads anywhere in posts randomly. When a site has many visitors, this plugin will place ads in a position that is more focused on capturing the attention of visitors.

Google AdSense 
Plugin is the best WordPress advertising plugin that allows the implementation of Google AdSense to your website. In addition, this plugin makes it possible to enter ad code into the site and adjust ads easily. In addition, you can choose to enter ads automatically, or you can decide where the ad appears. 

Simple Ads Manager 
Simple Ads Manager is the best WordPress advertising plugin for managing ads on websites. Even though it's called simple or simple, this plugin is very good and has many choices. Simple Ads Manager has a unique feature called flexible logic. 

With this feature, ads can run based on page weight. This can be used for your own ads, third-party ads or using Google DFP. This plugin also provides buttons in the post editor so you can insert ads in posts and pages. WP125 Unlike the previous plugins, WP125 is the best WordPress advertising plugin that is a simple solution for websites that want to display 125 × 125 pixel box ads. WP125 offers a simple interface for you to upload ads on the site. 

The settings page allows to set the number of ad slots, columns. The ad sales page is a page with information for advertizers about how they can advertise on your site, prices and statistics. You can create pages on WordPress, write good sales letters and links from your default ad images. Easy Adsense The last is Easy Adsense. 

This plugin is one of the best WordPress advertising plugins that serves to make it easier for you to manage adsense ads, enter code, and so on. Easy Adsense offers many simple functions that can be used easily, such as placing links or Adsense blocks in the footer or header, and many other functions offered by this plugin. Those are the 10 best WordPress advertising plugins for ad management that you can try. You can make ten of the above plugins in placing advertisements on WordPress. The settings are guaranteed to be easy and you can adjust as needed. May be useful.