SEO Tips To Increase Website Ranking
There are several SEO tips that you can do to optimize your website, including:

1. Determine 3 to 10 keywords (keywords) that you want to register indexed by search, by choosing keywords that have the greatest opportunities sought by users and relevant to the business you have. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to research the keywords you want.

2. Then create content that contains information or articles related to your business and is relevant to the keywords you want to target on the search engine.

3. When you load information on the website don't forget to make the meta-data, by optimizing the Meta Title and Meta Descriptions and Alt-Tag. You can enter existing keywords so that Google knows what words the user will search for.

4. You can add Google Analytics, register here and tracking code on your website. By utilizing these tools, you can find out the number of visitors or visitors who visit your website, how many pages visitors see, and what keywords visitors want to find.

5. Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter as supporting promotional media and don't forget to enter your website link so that users know in detail the information you provide. Why does it have to be social media? because social media will always develop and become one of the important factors for the algorithm on Google. So that you make your website faster up to rank 1 on the search page.

6. You can add social share buttons to articles or product information that you write on the website. With these media, even your website visitors can disseminate information or articles on the website to all the social media they have. The button that is quite popular and you can use it is like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ button.

7. Sitemaps, you can register your website to several search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that the hierarchy and structure of your website is better known, so that the crawling process will be better.

8. Overcome some problems that occur on pages that have broken links to maximize SEO and improve the quality of backlinks on the website that you have.

9. Optimizing On-Page and Off-Page SEO with the White-Hat technique will last a longer time in search when compared to the application of Black-Hat techniques. If you don't know what White-hat and Black Hat are? please check the next article.

10. Continue to make good and quality content. If you have videos or photos about your business it will automatically become an added value and attract visitors to enter your website. You can also enter content in the form of tips, reviews, events or others.

Good luck!