Having white and clean teeth is certainly everyone's dream. White and clean teeth can increase self-confidence, especially when dealing with other people. Even for the sake of getting white teeth not a few people are willing to spend more budget to do special care.
17 Ways to Whiten Yellow Teeth Naturally
But for those of you who want to have white and clean teeth, how to naturally whiten yellow teeth can be his choice.

Causes of Yellow Teeth
Before knowing how to whiten yellow teeth to make them look whiter and cleaner, there are some habits that might be done so that the color of the teeth becomes yellow or even looks dirty. Here are some of the causes of yellow teeth:
- The habit of drinking tea and coffee
- Lazy to brush your teeth especially in the morning and afternoon
- Eat too much candy
- consume alcohol
- smoking
- Use of eye drops
- Like to drink carbonated drinks or supplement drinks
- There are certain diseases
How to whiten teeth naturally
For those of you who want to have white and clean teeth, there is no need to pay expensive fees. The natural way below can be done routinely to get white teeth as desired.

Here's how to naturally whiten teeth that are effective and can be done every day:

1. Siwak
The use of siwak may not be just this time. Siwak has been used since ancient times. Its function, which is used as a traditional dental cleaning tool, turns out to also have other benefits, namely as a natural tooth whitener.

The trick, rub the siwak stem evenly into the teeth. You can do it 2-3 times a day.

2. Salt
How to whiten teeth with salt turns out to be a pretty effective way to do it. You can use a salt water solution to rinse your mouth every day. Even the antibacterial properties contained in salt can also kill germs that cause cavities.

3. Wood Charcoal
Wood charcoal which has an alkaline content is able to erode and clean the yellow stains that stick to the teeth. You can use it on a small scale because if you use it too often it can erode the tooth enamel. The trick, take a piece of wood charcoal and then puree and add lemon juice. Then you can brush on the teeth.

4. Lemon
The acid content of lemons can lift bacteria that cause yellow teeth. The balanced pH level makes this fruit can be used to maintain oral and dental health. The trick, take 1 lemon that is still fresh. Then take the juice and mix it with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Rub using a brush to the teeth.

5. Banana skin
After eating bananas, you should not immediately remove the skin. Banana skin can be used to clean yellow teeth. The trick, just rub the banana skin into the teeth evenly.

6. Orange skin
Not much different from banana peels, orange peels can also be used to clean yellow teeth to whiten them. The method is almost the same, namely rubbing the orange peel to the teeth evenly. You can do it every day for maximum results.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda, which is known as the cake making ingredient, turns out to have hidden benefits, which can whiten yellow teeth naturally. Baking soda has the ability to cause stains that cause yellow teeth. How to whiten teeth with baking soda is simply rubbed into the teeth. Then let stand about 3-5 minutes after that you can rinse your mouth.

8. Apple Vinegar
Apple vinegar, which is often used as an addition to the taste of food, turns out to have benefits that can make teeth look whiter and cleaner. The trick, take 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar and rub it gently in the teeth.

9. Strawberries
Who doesn't like to eat strawberries? This fruit that has a slightly sour taste becomes a fruit that can whiten teeth naturally. Besides being able to be consumed every day, you can whiten teeth with strawberries by rubbing the outside of strawberries into the teeth. This method is effective enough to remove stains and dirt on your teeth.

10. Apple
Apart from being known as a fruit that is good for maintaining digestion, apples also have the benefit of whitening teeth that are naturally yellow. You can consume this fruit regularly every day. In addition, you can also rub apples directly into the teeth to remove yellow stains on your teeth.

11. Areca Seeds
Betel nut seeds may be one of the natural ingredients that have been used as cleaning teeth by our ancestors. The seeds of this fruit have the ability to clean teeth thoroughly. Even the use of betel nut seeds can also maintain tooth strength naturally. The trick, puree the areca seeds first. If you have, you can immediately rub it into the teeth evenly.

12. Betel Leaves
In addition to betel nut seeds, our ancestors also used betel leaf as an ingredient for cleaning teeth naturally. The content contained in betel leaves is able to eradicate germs that cause tooth decay and can even whiten teeth naturally. The trick, take 1-2 pieces of betel leaves that are still fresh then rub into the teeth evenly. In addition, you can also boil it then use it to rinse your mouth.

13. Milk
besides being useful for increasing calcium intake in the body, milk also has benefits that can be used to clean teeth from yellow stains. Even the phosphorus and magnesium contained in milk can also be used to strengthen teeth from the inside. How, you consume enough milk regularly every day.

14. Ginger
Ginger, which has antibacterial properties, apparently also can clean yellow stains on the teeth. You can use it to make teeth white and clean. The trick, just rub the ginger into the teeth evenly.

15. Lime
Besides lemon, lime can also be used as a natural ingredient for cleaning yellow teeth. Even the antibacterial content is able to eliminate germs that cause yellow teeth. The trick, you can rub the lime directly into the teeth or you can also take the juice of lime juice and then add it with a glass of water and use it to rinse your mouth.

16. Salam leaves
Bay leaves which are widely used as enhancers of natural flavor in these foods can also be used as a way to naturally whiten teeth. The trick, boil bay leaves in sufficient water. Then you can use it to rinse your mouth.

17. Neem Leaves
The azadirahtin content contained in neem leaves can be used to kill bacteria caused by cavities. In addition, its ability to lift and clean yellow stains on teeth is very good for those of you who want to have whiter and cleaner teeth. The trick, rub the neem leaves to the teeth evenly. In addition, you can also use the neem leaf extract that can be purchased at a pharmacy as a paste mixture to whiten yellow teeth.

Now to get white and clean teeth is not always done with expensive dental care. You can do whitening yellow teeth naturally every day in an easier and cheaper way