Linux is a computer operating system that can be run for various communication devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and computers. On computers, Linux can be used as an operating system like Windows. However, most Linux is used on servers. As much as 90% of internet is supported by Linux servers. While 80% of OSes running on smartphones all over the world, are made by the Linux kernel. Indeed.
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Linux Operating System
what are the advantages of Linux to be used to support these various devices? 
The advantages of Linux over other operating systems Open source The advantages of Linux that make this operating system widely used on servers or smartphone OS is open source. That is, to be able to use Linux, there is no need for a license that is purchased at a hefty price, such as in Windows. In other words, the Linux operating system is free. 

Anyone can use the Linux operating system according to their individual needs. Immune to malware This one computer system is also 'immune' to malware rather than other operating systems. Linux security against malware attacks can be guaranteed to be several levels above the others. But, that does not mean Linux cannot be attacked by malware at all. It's just that, the risk is much smaller than other operating systems, for example Windows, because Linux requires users to become administrators first if you want to run the program or execute certain code. 

Has a default application that is quite complete Linux is also equipped with a relatively complete default application when you install it for the first time. Even if the user wants an operating system for special purposes, the required application may already be in it. 

Other common applications, which are commonly used for daily work, such as multimedia, archiving, and office are definitely available on the Linux operating system. Supported by reliable drivers Problems with installing drivers that are often problematic in other operating systems will not occur on Linux. 

This is because Linux already has driver support that is developing and expanding. You don't have to bother installing drivers or worry that installed drivers don't work, so that it can hamper work. Disadvantages of the Linux operating system The advantages of Linux do not automatically make this operating system the most tough and flawless. Linux still has disadvantages compared to other operating systems, in terms of appearance and usage.

The appearance of the interface is a bit complicated The Linux interface requires users to quickly adapt and learn first about root, terminals, and other matters. For those of you who have never used this operating system, it might be a little difficult at the beginning to understand the Linux working system. Moreover, Linux has several command codes to run a program or application. 

Weak if used for gaming Another lack of Linux is the fact that this operating system doesn't support a lot of gaming on laptops or computers. Few games are made on this platform. So, for users who are quite happy with gaming and using computers to play games, using the Linux operating system is not recommended. 

Some versions of Linux do not have enough default applications Some types of Linux also have a fairly few default applications when compared to other operating systems. This is because the development of applications on Linux takes a long time so users must be patient waiting for the Linux operating system update. 

The advantages of Linux, along with its disadvantages, are expected to help you determine what operating system will be used on a laptop or computer. In essence, there is no operating system that is truly great, only the operating system that fits your needs makes it look perfect.