Flashdisk is certainly very needed as a data storage medium that is concise and easy to carry everywhere. But what happens if the flashdisk that you use suddenly breaks down? Instead of binging like this, an easy way to fix a broken and unreadable flashdisk.

Flashdisk is a portable data storage device that is very much needed, especially when transferring data for devices that cannot be reached via Bluetooth or other wireless connections. Of course this is where the flashdisk starts to play an active role. The need for this flashdisk device is not only for those who are struggling with electronic media, but as students and students can also use it to store subject matter.

Then, what if suddenly the disk is damaged or can't be read? Certainly very troublesome. But you don't need to worry because on this occasion we will share information about how to repair a damaged flashdisk through steps that are certainly easy and not complicated. A USB flash drive is usually used to store important files.

Damage to the flash drive can be triggered from several things. Like a virus, or because the flashdisk is corrupt or unreadable. If it's an error or can't be read anymore, surely me friend will experience a big problem. Just try to imagine, if there is a script in the flashdisk for example, or a school assignment or a very important assignment. Of course, the user must re-copy the file right? Even if the file is still backed up. If it's not there, it will definitely be very troublesome and have to make it again. Well this time Begawei wants to share tips on how to fix a broken flashdisk so you can save your files.

3 Effective Ways to Fix a Damaged and Unreadable Flashdisk
Flashdisk is now more sophisticated with a variety of data storage capacities that increasingly meet your needs, for example, install Windows.But not infrequently, the flashdisk that you use has problems, starting from corrupt, cannot be formatted and so on.To overcome this, this time Jaka has summarized 3 ways to repair a damaged flash drive and is not read quickly and easily. You can directly practice

Collection of Ways to Fix a Damaged and Unreadable Flashdisk
Collection of Ways to Fix a Damaged and Unreadable Flashdisk
Actually there are a number of things that can cause your flashdisk to be damaged so you can't use it.
Such as forgetting to do Safely Remove Hardware, frequently moving data, being attacked by viruses or exposed to water, falling or stored in a hot place.

Next Jaka will review how to fix a broken flashdisk starting from the easiest to the most complicated way that you can still do it guys.

Method 1: Reinstall the USB Driver
The first step you can do to repair an unreadable flashdisk is to check and reinstall the USB driver.

To overcome this you can do several steps like the following.
  1. First connect the flashdisk that is not readable with a PC or laptop. Then open the Control Panel menu and go to Hardware and Sound options.
  2. Then you can open Device Manager and look for Universal Serial Bus Controller. Open the dropdown menu and look for the USB Mass Storage Device device that is given a yellow warning sign.
  3. Then you can right-click and select the Uninstall option. Here you can revoke and plug in the Flashdisk or restart the PC or laptop you are using.
Method 2: Fix Flashdisk Write Protected
Fix Flashdisk Write Protected
Besides the flashdisk that is not detected, sometimes you also find problems such as a flashdisk with write protected information. In making repairs using this method you only need a command prompt.

Now for how to fix write protected flashdisk you can follow a number of steps as follows.
  1. Open Command Prompt or right-click on the Windows logo and select this application. After the Command Prompt window appears, type the diskpart command and press the Enter key. Then a new window will appear.
  2. Then type the disk list to see a list of available storage media. Then you can choose the select disk 2 command (depending on the position of the flashdisk in what number).
  3. Then you can type the attributes disk clear command readonly> clean> create partition primary.
  4. Finally type the format command fs = fat32 (fat32 you can also change ntfs). After that, just type exit.
Method 3: Use HDD Low Level Format Tool
Use HDD Low Level Format Tool
The most extreme, you can use software called the Hard Disk Drive Low Level Format Tool if the Flashdisk is really difficult to repair.

But this method will not be useful if your flash drive is physically damaged guys.

Now that's 3 ways to fix a damaged flashdisk without even needing to format it quickly and easily. It's really easy to do it, right?

Ever found a similar flash problem? Don't forget to share your experiences and how to overcome them in the comments column