Washing machines are one of the most needed electronic devices. The washing machine will help with the work of washing, rinsing and drying. When the washing machine work is finished, you only need to take clothes that have been washed and dried. There are even several types of washing machines that can dry clothes until they are completely dry so they don't need to be dried in the sun anymore.
Causes of Electric Washing Machines
Basically there are various types of washing machines such as one tube and two tubes. One tube washing machine has a top door and front door. Therefore you should be able to do tips on choosing a washing machine so that it can be durable and not easily damaged. But basically the washing machine can also be damaged quickly especially when it is more than 3 years old. One problem that often occurs is when you feel a stun when the washing machine is used. Don't panic and follow the explanation below about the cause of the washing machine and the solution.

Problems with the socket
The thing that most often happens when the washing machine releases stun is a problem with the socket. This condition can be very dangerous because of a wall socket or a broken machine. So the step you have to do is test where the socket is damaged. If it turns out that the engine socket is damaged, it must be repaired. If the wall socket is damaged, it should be replaced.

Electricity leaks from dynamo motors
Each washing machine uses a dynamo motor drive that uses direct energy from electricity. When the washing machine's age is more than 3 years, the leakage of electricity from the dynamo motorbike is considered normal. This can be marked when you hold the outside of the machine and feel the stun, even if only slightly.

The solution is to install grounding on the washing machine. The method must be in accordance with the type of machine. On a single tube machine the grounding symbol can usually be found at the bottom. Then attach the grounding cable that is connected to the ground. That way the washing machine won't electrocute again. And don't forget to always do the right way to clean the washing machine so that the machine is not damaged.

Damage to engine heaters
If you use a washing machine equipped with a drying machine and a water heater then damage to this component will usually cause stun out of the machine. Unfortunately these various tools are inside the engine components. Not everyone can repair this damage so it is advisable to come to a washing machine service according to your washing machine brand.

The position of the washing machine is too moist
Usually the washing machine is placed near the bathroom or even in the bathroom. Because this damp position eventually causes stun to come out of the engine. Especially if you touch the machine in a wet or humid state. To overcome this condition, install the grounding on the washing machine and use dry footwear so that it is not electrocuted. And do a way to repair electricity short if it is found that there is an indication of electrical damage to the washing machine flow.

The position of the machine is not flat
Another thing that causes the washing machine to emit stun is when the engine position is uneven. The new washing machine is generally equipped with strong and flat legs. But when it's been used for a long time the vibration of the washing machine will rub the legs. This condition will eventually cause the motor dynamo to be damaged or even out of the engine. And besides causing damage to the engine can also make electricity flow out when the engine is used.

Washing Machine Tips To Not Shock
Washing machines are indeed very important and function everyday. But the damage to the washing machine is difficult to avoid because this machine is used every day. In order not to electrocute, the washing machine should be used properly. Here are tips for using a washing machine in a simple minimalist house or luxury home.

Use detergent according to the dosage
You should use soap or detergent according to the rules. Consider the amount according to the clothes washed. Then you also have to use detergents that are specifically for washing machines. So it's not ordinary detergent that can produce a lot of foam on the inside of the machine. Too much foam will make the engine work slower, the motor dynamo works hard to rotate the engine and can trigger damage, the first indication of which is making electrocution.

Wash as directed
Then the other is by washing according to instructions and type of machine. For example, when to add powdered soap, liquid soap and fragrance. Do not place it wrong because the water from the machine will water the part in the order of the process. If you enter the wrong soap, the washing process will not run smoothly and can damage the clothes. This error also often causes the washing machine dryer not to spin.

Do not insert metal in the washing machine
Basically every washing machine is designed with a special filter so that it can filter out all the dirt from the clothes. Sometimes you may accidentally forget to take a coin from your shirt. If it's like this, the coin will enter the machine and finally enter the filter section. The problem is sometimes when the engine is spinning the coin does not enter the filter but mixes into one with clothes. Sometimes coins will get stuck on the engine or into the inside of the machine. If it's like this, it can damage the engine and cause the engine to give off stun.

Machine settings according to the type of shirt
You should also try to adjust the work of the machine according to the type of shirt. Cotton shirts require a different washing method with a wool shirt. That way, every time you wash, you should check the type of clothing and follow the washing instructions. In this way the washing machine lasts longer.

Those are some of the causes of electric washing machines and their solutions. Washing machines are easily damaged when used in an improper way. So you should use a washing machine in the right way to last.