Is your AdSense account still being rejected? You might ignore a number of things. There are tips that might help you easily activate your AdSense account. You are reading 5 Easy Ways to Be Accepted by Google AdSense.
5 Easy Ways to Be Accepted by Google AdSense
1. Ensure Navigation Is Easy to Use & Clear
Navigation is an important part of the website. Navigation really determines the comfort of visitors. The easier the easy and clear navigation of a website, the better user experience is given. Navigation can also be a factor in user effectiveness when interacting with your website.

There are at least three things that you need to consider relating to navigation, namely readability, structuring, and function. For example, like a tourist website that is good for navigating like this ‘Home» Destinations »Gallery» Reviews »About Us'.

But you can also determine how you want navigation as long as visitors can easily and quickly understand and interact with website content. You can request feedback from friends or visitors via a form if possible.

2. Create Interesting and Unique Content
No less important, namely Content! No matter how good the website looks, if you don't have unique and interesting content, it's difficult to generate traffic.

You can bring loyal visitors to use original and quality content. If visitors already like the content that you have created, they will usually tell or suggest your website when other people are looking for information related to the website. Of course this will help to continue to develop your content and website.

You need to be careful when using references from other media. Both articles and videos. It could be that your website is detected as a plagiarism website or even spam.

Well! It would be better if you create original content. Google will prefer content like that because it is in accordance with their policies, namely blocking websites that contain fake content or copyright infringement.

3. Use Google AdSense Only
There are several advertising services besides Google AdSense. However, it would be better if you don't use the others before AdSense approves your account activation request.

It is like if you want to leave ads on a billboard, surely you don't want other people to use the billboard to display the same ad. Same with Google. Your website will be more trusted if you only use advertising services.

4. Already Have 10-15 Active Articles
Well! One other important thing is the existence of articles or active content on the blog. At least 10-15 articles. How do you recognize a website if there are no articles? Of course it will be difficult.

The articles that you add on the website will become Google's identifier to classify the types of content that are suitable for the website. In addition, quality articles will certainly be a positive indicator for Google to assess your website.

5. Make Sure There Are 100 Visitors Every Day
From the stories of some friends and several other references, at least you must have at least 100 active visitors every day. However, the figure is still tentative. Even though you only have less than 100 active visitors every day, it could be, Google agrees to the activation request for the AdSense account that you submitted.

If you have already registered for YouTube AdSense, there are some terms that you need to fulfill so that your AdSense YouTube account can be activated. Terms that you need to fulfill such as a minimum of 100 subscribe and have been watched by more than 4000 hours. It could be that similar conditions (such as the number of articles and visitors) also apply to activating AdSense on the blog.

Those are some steps you can take to make Google AdSense. It's quite simple, but you need to be patient because you have to wait for the verification process several days. You also sometimes need several submissions before getting an active AdSense account.

Hopefully you can start to get additional income through articles on how to make Google AdSense for this blog.