Finding the right keywords is indeed difficult if done manually, therefore we can use tools or tools that can give suggestions to choose the right keywords.

Before writing articles, I always do keyword research, I do this to find out the amount of search volume in a certain period of time, for example, one month.

In addition to knowing the number of search volumes on targeted keywords or keywords, doing keyword research is also very important to do to find out how difficult or easy it is to rank in search results.
5 Free Keyword Research Tools To Find The Right Keywords
The search results I mean are Google, because we know that Google is one of the most used search engines to date.

Maybe not everyone does keyword research before writing content on a blog or website, some who care about some also do not care about this keyword research.

Are you among those who care about keywords?
Doing keyword research before writing an article is indeed very good and needs to be done if you really care about this.

Finding the right keywords and using them on articles or products on your website blog will certainly maximize search results, although this does not guarantee 100% will succeed at least you have done one step ahead compared to doing keyword research.

We know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or we can call search engine optimization is an effort to increase ranking in search results. SEO has many interrelated factors, one of which is keyword research.

So if you care about doing keyword research it's better. Because I'm sure there are still many people who still don't know this.

Which means they only write without doing keyword research and you still have the opportunity to get first place in Google search results.

If you get position 1 in the google search results, thank you, if it's not a problem.

You don't want to be like that, we must be able to compete to get the top position in Google by doing keyword research before writing an article and choosing the right keyword for the article you are writing.

To find the right keywords you can use several online tools known as "keyword research tools" if in Indonesia this is usually called a keyword research tool.

It's a bit strange, but it's not an important problem. Our goal is the same.

A little information that you need to know that the tool that I described here is a free keyword research tool that you can use as much as you like. Limited? it is definitely free. But you definitely like the free ones, right.

A premium version of the keyword research tool is also available, but now we focus first on free. Take advantage of free first if it does exist, if you already have capital, use premium tools so that the keyword research will be more stable.

1. Google Keyword Planner (AdWords)
Google keyword planner is one of Google's tools for researching keywords or finding the right keywords. Actually this Keyword Planner is a feature of AdWords, AdWords is an online advertising service where you can advertise on Google using this service.

In the AdWords service there is a keyword planner feature that serves to help find the right keywords for advertisers.

Not only for advertisers, some people register themselves on adwords services just to be able to use the google keyword planner feature.

Adwords registration is actually free, even though they ask you to enter a credit card, but actually it can still be skipped even though I don't really understand how but last January I tried to register adwords and succeeded without the need to enter or write credit cards.

Next time maybe I will try to make a tutorial for listing Adwords so you don't need to use a credit card.

If you already have a Google Adwords account, please use the keyword planner feature to help find the right keywords for your content.
2. Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest's is one of the keyword research tools owned by Neil Patel, he is an SEO practitioner from America. I also just found out this because the ubersuggest site used to use the url and is now being redirected to his personal blog.

Ubersuggest is actually the same as Google Keyword Planner, but here also displays keywords that come from Google Suggest, so you can see keywords that come from Google keyword planner and Google suggest, you must choose one of them and you can also choose both.

For features it is limited to only search volume, cpc or cost per click, and competition or keyword difficulty level. Even so you can use this tool to find the right keywords, of course you can use it for free at any time.
3. Keyword Tool
The keyword tool, as the name suggests, is one tool for searching for keywords that you need to try. This keyword tool features not much different from Ubersuggest, here there is also search volume, cpc, and competition, but unfortunately it can only be seen if you subscribe to the pro version.

Even so, you can still see a list of keywords that are right for you. So this keyword tool can still be used for free but is very limited in its features.

What I like about this tool is the list of keywords that are displayed more, but unfortunately the search volume, cpc, and competition keywords are not displayed in the free version.
4. KWFinder (Keyword Finder)
KWFinder or can be called Keyword Finder is a tool to find the right keywords. This feature is quite complete compared to Ubersuggest and Keyword Tool.

Here you can see a list of Suggestions, Trends, Search, CPC, PPC, and, KD.

Suggestion is a list of keyword suggestions that you can use.

Trend is the popularity of the kuncu word, if it is flat it is very good because the possibility of searching for this keyword will be stable.

Search or search volume is the number of people searching for these keywords, the more search volume the better, but remember it will be increasingly difficult to get the top position.

CPC (Cost Per Click) costs per ad while PPC (Pay Per Click) is paid for every click that occurs on the ad. If you are doing keyword research if you really want to get a lot of income, then use keywords that have high CPC, but if you are focusing on finding the right keywords, you should just pass this.

KD (Keyword Difficulty) is the difficulty level of a keyword, the higher the value, the smaller your chances of getting first place in the search results.

Although the features are displayed in full, unfortunately the keywords displayed are fewer.
5. Keyword Suggestions Tool (Small SEO Tools)
You may be familiar with the Small SEO Tools website, here there are indeed many online tools related to SEO, one of them is keyword suggestions tool.

This tool is very limited here. You can only see keyword suggestions that you can use. Although limited, the keywords suggested from here are still accurate.
From the five tools above, I advise you to use tools from Google Keyword Planner, because the features that are owned are more complete and of course the data is more accurate especially if you want to target Google search engines, of course using their services will be more leverage.

And the rest is an alternative if indeed you have difficulty when registering with Google Adwords.

Actually there are still many tools that you can use to do keyword research both free and premium versions. You can search the rest on Google or other websites that discuss SEO.

So many articles about 5 free keyword research tools to find the right keywords, hopefully you can help you create quality content.