Many video marketing strategies companies do in introducing their brands or promoting products. In recent years, we often hear techniques in video marketing.

To influence SEO rankings, can a video marketing strategy to boost the position of the first page of Google on SERP (Search engine result page)? The short answer is yes and it really can.
5 Video Marketing Strategies to Improve SEO content

If you want to be serious and really want to make a profit, you have to spend time and energy doing it. Of course this is like in the world of digital marketing.

Don't expect too much if you want to get the best and the SEO benefits from the video marketing strategy that you do. It's not as simple as embedding some Youtube videos into a web page and you hope to get the best.

To produce high-quality video content, you need investment as well as any content.

To reach more widely throughout the web, you must have patience and perseverance in sharing your video content. In improving SEO, let's see exactly in the video marketing strategy.

Get this exciting opportunity in some important SEO best practices that will help you.

Here are 5 Video Marketing Strategies to Improve SEO

1. Video Proves the Value of Your Content to Google
With you researching certain keywords, Google does not only consider texts when evaluating relevance. However, Google will check whether there are other media that you have to offer to search engine users.

To show your content is varied and valuable, you can mix text, images and videos.
As a result of the Moz research we read, 80% of all internet traffic will be represented by the upcoming 2019 video. So, Google really wants a site ranking that can offer content, videos and images to its users.

The thing you have to do is optimize video content in the content strategy and this is part of our trick.
In conducting video keyword research, you can use Soovle as a simple keyword research tool and after that you can enter these keywords in the title, description and meta tags of your video.

In order for Google to understand the relevance of videos, you can add your video transcripts that not only help viewers (maybe their volume is disabled).

The thing you have to do is to have a lot of relevant synonyms, plan scripts for your marketing videos, as well as your primary keywords.

2. Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Site
To drive traffic back to your site, you can use social platforms or third-party sites such as Youtube or Vimeo to host your video content.

In one day, 1 billion hours of video are consumed on Youtube. Using Youtube is a fantastic way to expose your business to new audiences. As long as you include your URL in the description of the name of your channel and video.

To get a healthy boost, you must increase your traffic. The benefits of SEO from video content on sites that are not their own, many marketers are reluctant to use third-party sites to host their videos. By hosting on Youtube, the benefits are many.

By hosting videos as a start, that means you don't have to slow down the speed of your own site. Instead, you can only embed it for very involved viewers plus make your content easily known.

From the television network, simply using Youtube content reaches more adults during prime-time business hours and tells you how important this channel can be any business.

All you have to do is give them a reason to click on the Url in your video description to really maximize the YouTube view and direct traffic to your site.

The trick is you can provide special offers such as discount codes, ebooks, additional information or add suggestions that are in your video.

3. Video Content Produces Links
The perfect opportunity to get referral traffic that meets the requirements is to include your Url in channel information or a description of your video marketing strategy on Youtube or other social platforms.

As a whole, having video content on your site can also help outreach strategies and links. A strong reason for site owners and bloggers to link your video if you have a unique video.

4. Video Enhances Brand Social Existence

In doing a video marketing strategy, you must be able to play social media because they have a big role in the promotion strategy.

To give your SEO efforts a boost, a good way to get more attention to your content is that you have to have a strong correlation between higher shares on social media and a higher position in SERPs.

Indeed, in conducting promotions on social media does not have a direct impact on the position in the SERPs. However, this technique is capable of making Google Alghorithma busy in crawling your site because social media signals Google's Alghorithma.

Examples include: social media users click on like, follow, comment, and click on your site.

By sharing your video content on social media platforms, many of your brands watch and your site gets the chance to click on the link.

5. Video Marketing Can Increase Your Conversion Rate
The strategy in video marketing has a huge effect on getting buyers and buyers to do almost twice as much.

Maybe making a purchase and this is very clear with the video marketing strategy you can encourage to increase your conversions.

Only by using video to increase sales, the absolute thing that is in you is a great SEO strategy. It makes sense not to get more value.

Before they visit your store from various sources that we get, according to Google 50% of people search for videos and this does not only apply to eCommerce.

Our advice is to get the best retention, your video must be under 90 seconds and make your video short and sweet.

In SEO tactics and strategies that you see clearly, video marketing has certain places. Maybe the effect is not immediately felt right now.

Just like you do some on social media. But wait for the next few days because your success in doing the right keyword research will have a big impact.

In gaining an online advantage when entering 2018, video marketing will be a more important path. So follow the best practices above, and build your video marketing strategy