6 Strategies to Win Competition Online Stores - Fierce in the online shop competition? The most important thing is to understand the strategy in winning the competition.

The biggest problem that happens with new online store entrepreneurs is that they don't spend enough time to figure out how to distinguish themselves from competition.
6 Strategies to Win Competition Online Stores
When you are just starting to run a successful online store business in the long run, you are destined to fail, unless you can find a way to stand out among your competitors.
And the only way to survive is to build a business brand that people trust.

6 strategies to win online store competition

1. Use Content to Set Your Identity
All successful online shop business owners certainly understand the first content strategy with their store.

In other words, they use interesting content to introduce customers to their brands and then sell them to the public.

When you come to sell online, just because you have a profitable product to sell at Bukalapak or Tokopedia or your own online store, it does not mean that you will be able to maintain profitability in the long run.

A product means nothing unless you work hard to make your brand truly resonate with your customers.

2. Get Mindshare and a technique psychologist
Get your customer's mindshare start by providing an experiment in a guide to educating customers about your products and services.
In many cases, you can use the customer's e-mail address and then send them an automatic e-mail order that introduces your online store.

The key to differentiating your business starts with content. Make sure you take the time to help your customers and introduce your online store.

And psychologically they will feel obliged to buy from you (even if your price is a little higher).

3. Selling Unique Products
All experts in online business agree that unique products are highly recommended.

Even if you make a decent profit, selling products that are exactly the same as your competitors makes you vulnerable to today's price wars and maybe in the future.

As a result, you must always have a long-term goal to sell unique items that are not sold by others. In online shop competition, make sure you sell products that are a little different.

4. Providing Customer Service well
When mentioning the term "customer service" here, it does not mean that you should always be kind to customers in general.

The type of customer service in question is the speed at which you respond to all consumer questions, such as availability of goods, completeness of goods, and even complete description of goods.

5. Focus on one product category
If you decide to sell non-unique products online, you can still set yourself apart from what I call a "one stop shop" strategy.

Choose a specific product category and try to be the most comprehensive seller in that niche.

Customers are more likely to buy from stores that specialize in what they are looking for.

But when you use this strategy, it is important that you do not spread promotions continuously. Something that is excessive is certainly not good, so is business.

Make sure you choose no more than a few categories to be more focused and do the best work you can do with it.

Usually many online stores sell various kinds of random items. The most successful stores are generally stores that have one item category or neatly arranged item categories.

6. Perform cross selling with competitors
In maintaining your business growth, mutually beneficial creative cooperation can be the best choice.

The most important thing in online store competition, you have to be smart and tactical even though it has risks.

If you have different strengths, cooperation with competitors certainly has different advantages too. Therefore, combine these advantages to win the market.

Before you invest the hard work needed to open a business in an online store, make sure you have a unique value proposition for your business and find ways to be more prominent than your competitors.