Do you use an iPhone or Android phone? This time I want to explain some of the reasons why iPhone users don't want to change to Android

Try to mention one of your best brands of HP! Jaka believes your answers will vary and might cause a little debate.
7 Reasons for Unusual iPhone Users to Change Android
However, if saya changes the question, what is the most expensive HP at the moment ?, surely you will firmly and loudly answer the iPhone produced by Apple.

If it's expensive, why is this smartphone selling well on the market? Why are iPhone users unwilling to change Android phones that are more varied (and cheaper, of course)?

Reasons for Unusual iPhone Users Move to Android
Oh, iPhone. This smartphone is always interesting to discuss, discuss, bully, and make memenya.
Sometimes it is worshiped to death, but not infrequently, too. Often referred to as the biggest innovation of the year, but proudly introducing dual sim features in 2018.

Sometimes the innovation given will be a joke, even though other HP manufacturers eventually trail behind.

So it's not wrong for many iPhone users to show their loyalty by staying on the iPhone, no matter what they say.

What is the reason iPhone users are reluctant to switch hearts to Android phones? Check out the full saya review below

1. Guaranteed security
For this one problem, you don't need to doubt the iPhone. Although the iPhone may still be infiltrated by a virus, but the iPhone is known to be safer than an Android phone.

This is supported by Apple's strict supervision of applications that are inside the App Store, so the opportunity to spread dangerous malware is getting narrower.

The security level of the cellphone can make us breathe freely, from the fingerprint sensor to the Face ID in the iPhone X series.

Although in some cases, Apple's iCloud is often broken into by hackers and many Hollywood celebrities are victims.

2. Integration Between Devices
Apple founder Steve Jobs is the type of person who has enough control freaks, including how he wants to build the Apple ecosystem for its users.

He is a perfectionist who wants to synchronize between Apple devices easily, so users will not find it difficult to move files or other activities.

The integration that Apple devices have is above average, both iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch.

For example, you can easily connect your iPhone to a MacBook laptop to move photos or sync songs.

3. OS Easy to Use
When compared with Android, actually the interface that is owned by the iPhone is very easy to understand and use.

Since its first release in 2008, the iPhone has always placed its applications directly on the main menu without the need to press additional buttons.

In addition, iOS on the iPhone is also famous for trying to look as simple as possible so as not to confuse users.

In addition, usually one iPhone HP will continue to get iOS updates for the next 5 years. Which Android can?
Other Reasons. . .

4. Performance Need Not Be Doubtful
Although considered to have specifications under the Android phones, in fact the performance possessed by the iPhone never disappoints.

This can happen because Apple is able to optimize the existing specifications with the iOS operating system they use.

Compare that with Android, which has to adjust to many smartphone manufacturers out there.

This is also one of the reasons why Instastory on iPhone is always better than an Android phone.

5. Steady Camera Quality
In addition to reliable performance, one of the advantages possessed by the iPhone is the camera it has.

Although some manufacturers are also increasingly refining their cameras, the iPhone is always in a row of HP with a quality camera.

Therefore, when there is a photo session with friends, it is often the iPhone that is sought to get the best photos.

6. Prices are relatively stable
The price of the iPhone is indeed relatively expensive and can only be bought by the upper middle class. However, this is proportional to the high selling price.

Moreover, the iPhone, including a mobile phone brand that is durable and rarely damaged for normal use, makes it feasible if the selling price is stable.

The latest iPhone release is also not as often as the Android phones do, so the older iPhone version is also not easy to go down in price.

7. iPhone is an iPhone
iPhone is an iPhone. No matter how much the price must be paid, people are willing to buy it either because of necessity or prestige.

People who hold iPhones as if their casts rose in the eyes of people, even though sometimes they get it in installments.

Apart from the reasons Jaka mentioned above, some people don't need another reason to buy an iPhone, other than to have an iPhone.

The final word
So that's the reason why iPhone users don't want to move to Android, gang! Apparently there are many advantages offered by the iPhone.

That is, people buy an iPhone not because it is merely to increase prestige, because in fact the iPhone does have something that is not owned by an Android cellphone.