For Google AdSense publishers you will find notifications on your adsense account regarding Better Ads Standards Global.

You must know and learn about the update or update, so that your ad can still appear on your website and not be deleted by Google.

A few months ago a better advertising standard coalition (Better Ads Standards) has been carried out for desktop and cellular web or smartphone adverts, based on comprehensive research involving more than 66,000 consumers.
Better Ads Standards Global
This advertising standard has been applied by many industry participants in the North American and European regions since March 2017.

The coalition announced in January 2019 that its research supports implementing "Better Ads Standards" around the world for desktop and mobile web users.

This research was conducted to identify ad experiences with the lowest threshold in various factors of user experience, and those who have the most tendency to use ad blockers or ads blockers.

What is the Better Ads Standards?
Better Ads Standards is a program to improve the user experience of the types of ads that exist today.

This Better Ads Standards program has conducted surveys or research on user experience when viewing various types of advertisements on the website.

Based on research that has been done through the Better Ads Standards program, Google, especially on Chrome products, will implement a new regulation that is like the notification on your Google Adsense account.

Better Ads Standards Global. Google Chrome will implement Better Ads Standards around the world starting July 9. Ads can be filtered in the Chrome browser if you do not comply with these standards.

Ranking of Desktop and Cellular Ads
The following are ratings of desktop advertisements and mobile ads that are liked and disliked by users.
Desktop Web Ads Experiences Ranking

Mobile Web Ads Experiences Ranking
Ad Format Can and Cannot Be Applied
Here are the ad formats that you may and may not apply on your website.
1. Bad ad formats are not liked by your website visitors
After surveying more than 66,000 desktop and cellular web users, the Better Ads Standards Coalition introduced four categories of desktop advertisements and eight types of mobile ads that were least liked by users.

More than half of all existing customers or customers say they will not revisit or share pages that have pop-up ads.

In addition there are also many desktop web users who are annoyed by video ads that automatically play audio, and most of them say they will avoid ads that count down and sites that display sticky adverts that block most content.

On the mobile version, in addition to the types of advertisements above, users say that they don't like mobile pages with ad densities greater than 30%, animated flashing ads, ads that appear at the start, and full-screen rollover ads.

2. Turn bad ads into good ads
Based on the data above, we can find out the types of ads that are bad and you must avoid from your website.

If there is an ad unit that has a bad value you can replace it with another ad unit that has a better value than before.

You have to do this so that your ad can continue to appear on your website, because if the ad appears to be inappropriate then Chrome can eliminate this type of ad.

3. Determine whether the ads on your site are appropriate
Many ad publishers or advertisers may not be aware if their ads violate Better Ad Standards or Better Ads Standard, because the definition of the Coalition about ad experience is different from the name of the commonly used ad format.

That's why Google released Ad Exprience Report in the Google Search Console. This tool is able to review all pages on your site to identify any ads that violate the standard, and give you the opportunity to delete or change ads and request your site to be reviewed.

For Advertisers, for advertisers you must know the types of advertisements that are most preferred by users, so that the ads that you make are more targeted and can be maximized with this update.

For publishers, especially for AdSense publishers maybe this needs special attention. I hope you can learn from the above, the point is that your site is required to display advertisements that are in accordance with predetermined standards.

Starting on July 9, Chrome will filter or filter advertisements that are deemed not in accordance with the standards.

Of course for sites or websites that like to use pop-up advertisements will experience a decrease in income, you need to pay attention and immediately make changes regarding the types of ads that are on your site at this time.