Criteria for blog templates for listing Adsense - Talking about Google Adsense is never finished to be discussed. This advertising site is considered to have the most stringent selection system than other similar advertising network sites.

There are so many requirements that must be met by prospective Adsense applicants to meet the requirements to become a full Google Adsense publisher.
Criteria for blog templates for listing Adsense
One consideration from Google is whether to approve Adsense applications, namely by looking at the criteria for the blog template that you are using.

Indeed, the main requirement to get approval from Adsense is the content / content of the blog article. But that does not mean the appearance is not important.

The appearance of the blog is also important considering the appearance or template of the blog is the basis of a blog.

Criteria for blog templates to register adsense
SEO Friendly template
SEO friendly blog templates are more likely to be accepted by Adsense, Why?
The criteria for this blog template have at least passed the structured data testing tool provided by Google. Besides making it easy to index all pages, Google robots will also easily read the SEO friendly template structure.
  • Responsive template
What is a responsive template?
Responsive template is a template that adjusts the size of the device used. Want to open on a smartphone or use a PC, the display will adjust.

This responsive template also makes writing on our blog clearer because of adjustments to existing screen sizes. This is also for the convenience of visitors when visiting your blog.

Fast Loading template
If your blog is so slow and slow, Google doesn't like it. Why?
When visitors try to visit your blog, but it is very slow to access, chances are that visitors will close your blog site and switch to another site.

The fact says that website visitors tend to be affected by the speed of a website, not just the features and design.

Use the fast loading template, install navigation and blog widgets as needed to make it more accessible.

Google will also prioritize sites that are quickly accessed, rather than slow sites.
  • White / Bright Template
Why are color templates a consideration for Google Adsense?
In fact the majority of Google adsense publishers use a basic white color template. This is because white is a pleasing color.

That way, the presence of advertisements will also be more visible to visitors.
Criteria for blog templates with bright colors are one example that is favored by Google. Besides being simple, the reader's comfort is also a very important priority.

Those are some blog templates that are likely to be accepted by Google Adsense. If you have other opinions or have personal experience when registering with Google Adsense, you can share here.