Complete Understanding of Whois Domains. Understanding of whois domain seems to be a hot conversation for those of you who are in the world of IT, especially for those of you who are currently using various Indonesian web hosting services. Referring to the meaning of language from whois itself is closely related to English known as the phrase who is who means who he is. Apart from all that, whois the domain is very closely related to the name of a facility to find out data from a particular domain as well as the name of the owner of the IP address, domain and server. Things like this are of course very useful for those of you who use Indonesian web hosting services to find out later whether the domain you are about to create is already used by someone else or not.
Complete Discussion of Whois Domain
Whois Definition of Domain & Information Inside.
Whois Definition of Domain & Information Inside
For those of you who use Indonesian web hosting services, it is important to know whether the domain you are going to use has been registered by someone else or not, and to be able to

find out then this whois is used. Through this whois service, you will be able to get some information such as the following:

1. Contact Administrative
When you have got contact administravive, those of you who get services from the Indonesian web hosting will get various information related to when the domain arrived at its expiration date. In addition, you will find out whether the owner will extend the period

valid from the domain.
2. Billing Contact
For this one feature, you will get information about payments that have been made by the domain owner and also receipt of bills for the domain in question.

3. Server Name
In contrast to Contact Administrative, on the server name the users / users of Indonesian web hosting services will get information related to the status of the domain used. In addition, you will also find out whether the domain is in pending-restore, hold or register lock status.

4. Technical Contact
If you need various technical data such as e-mail that will be used until other detailed information, you can use the technical contact feature.

Benefits of Whois Domain
For those of you who are currently using Indonesian web hosting, it is necessary to note that the Whois domain facility that is accessible to all people consists of various types. Here are three benefits of whois own domain that you need to know:

A whois presence will help you in providing a variety of information relating to ISPs, networks and owners of related domains. Through whois, you will be able to get detailed information about the existence of the domain. If a domain name has not been used by someone else, you can use it for your personal needs.

Whois also functions to get more information related to data search sources for copyrights and trademarks. Various information about technical contact, billing server and the service will be available in full.

Build visitor trust and help in increasing the amount of traffic from the web managed by you who use Indonesian web hosting. With this whois, visitors will find out information related to ownership of e-commerce sites, companies, institutions, and others.

How to use Whois Domain
How to use Whois Domain
For those of you who want to use Indonesian web hosting services and want to know how to use the whois, then you can visit the page Then, you will be asked to enter a website that you will later track the domain. The results are fast, you will get various kinds of information that you need. Through whois domain, you can track various types of extensions such as .id, .blogspot, .net, .org, .info, and others.

Linkages to Whois Domains with Whois Privacy
If indeed a data site / website can be displayed clearly, not infrequently this will trigger the emergence of a more complicated new problem as well as the emergence of hackers or spammers who work by utilizing the IP Address and email from the owner of the domain. Therefore, for you Indonesian web hosting users must always keep data confidential

one way is to use the whois privacy feature. The existence of Whois Privacy will be very beneficial for domain owners who have registered with Indonesian web hosting. With this, you no longer need to worry about the risk of your IP Address being tracked by irresponsible parties.
Linkages to Whois Domains with Whois Privacy
Regarding the above, here are some benefits that you need to know about the benefits of whois real privacy:

1. Providing Protection for Personal Identity
By utilizing whois privacy, you can protect your own identity so that sites that are very important for the sustainability of your company or organization will remain protected from various threats. Surely you don't want to be minus, no, if your site's data that actually has high traffic is then hijacked by someone else.

2. Blocking Spam
The next benefit of being whois privacy for those of you who use Indonesian web hosting services is the ability to block spam like a lot of e-mails so that it floods the owner of the domain. Often spam is in the form of advertisements or promotions so this kind of thing is very disturbing to the site owner. Through Whois Privacy, everything will be guaranteed and you will not experience it.

3. Helps in Securing Data
In general, whois will provide various information with the domain owner's data and also the telephone number. If your personal data is easily found by irresponsible people, it is very possible that you will later get an email attack like spam. In fact, it is very possible that you will be contacted by irresponsible people. But you need to know that not all domains can use Whois Privacy, such as domains with .ID extensions (.ID, .CO, .SCH.ID, .AC.ID, etc.) cannot use whois privacy. While domains like .TLD (.COM, .NET, .ORG, etc.) can use whois privacy. Remember, don't get to whois your domain is misused by other people.

Thus your site will remain guaranteed security and you can manage it well.