Complete Stock Learning Guide for Beginners - Stock is one of the most profitable investment instruments. In Indonesia, as reported by Katadata's website, the stock performance in Indonesia is the second best in Asia Pacific after India. However, stock investing cannot be done carelessly. For those of you who are still beginners, there are several stock study guides that need to be understood. What is it? Here's the review.
Complete Stock Learning Guide for Beginners
Know which types of shares are profitable
For beginners who want to study stocks, you should first know the types of stocks on the stock exchange. Here you need to know your character first, whether you are a reckless person or a careful person. This is important to minimize risk to business failure when you play stocks on the stock exchange later.

In choosing the right and profitable stocks there are several things that you need to pay attention to. The first is about the company's fundamentals that will be purchased. If the company is not so profitable it should not be chosen. Second is that you must be observant in seeing the development of the company's shares. Third if you need to ask for consideration and advice from the broker.

Determine what your investment goals are
The second step when you study stocks also determine what your goals are to invest and choose those stocks. This goal can be in the form of short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Stock investment experts suggest that you should choose a medium-term investment destination.

Why is that? If you decide for a short-term investment in addition to a loss on the stock exchange, you also lose because you have to pay a broker fee. The short term referred to here is for daily trading. So, really think carefully about the time period of the investment so that you do not suffer losses in the future.

Determine the value of the investment
Now you already know when is the right time to sell and buy. Then the next step to do is determine the amount or value of the investment that you will invest. For beginners who want to study stocks, you should not rush to buy stocks in large quantities. At present there are many stocks that offer quite small capital of around Rp. 2 million. Even some small securities offer stock investments at a price of Rp. 500 thousand.

Then, so that you do not miscalculate it is a good idea to invest about five percent of your income in the initial study period. If it feels profitable, increase the value of the investment carefully. However, you still have to consider the risks.

Also understand the advantages and disadvantages
The most important thing when you study stocks is to understand the advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of stock investment is that you will get dividends or profit sharing in the form of cash or in the form of additional shares in a considerable amount. In addition, you will also benefit from the increase in stock prices. For example, you buy shares per share of Rp2000 then sell it back at Rp2500, of course you will get a profit of Rp500 for each sheet.

Even so there are also some risks that need to be considered. These risks include capital loss or investors selling prices lower than the purchase price. The second risk is the existence of suspended or terminated trading by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). When you are in this suspend period, you cannot sell or buy shares until the suspend is revoked.

How, after you have followed the stock study guide, are you ready now to invest in stocks? Stock investment will make your future better and you can even double the profits from your business