What are Meta Tags, Keywords, descriptions, titles? - One of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors is determined by several factors and one of them is the Meta Tag and is certainly no stranger to the word meta tag if you often explore things about the website.

In this article, we will discuss about the meta tags that you must and should know about meta tags. So that the website management is more optimal and certainly get the best ranking on Google.
Definition and Function of Meta Tags, Tag Titles, Description Tags, Keyword Tags
What is a Meta Tag?
Meta Tags are codes written in html form contained in website templates to describe certain keywords.

The function of the Meta Tag is to help search engines know keyword descriptions and summaries of a website.

When to Use Meta Tags?
When a website that you manage has a specific target keyword, it is mandatory to use meta tags to tell the search engines that your website has more specific content.

Where Must I Put the Meta Tag Code?

Meta tags are usually written between <head> …… (the contents of the meta tag) ……. </ head>.

Why should the Meta Tag be in the head code?
Because Search Engines don't read the middle part of the website directly, and search engines only need a summary of the website that you manage, and this is the main function of the meta tag.

3 Important Meta Tag Elements:
  1. Tag Title
  2. Tag Description
  3. Keywords Tag
How to make a Meta Tag?
Meta tags are generally written in html format with the following code:

<title> Description of Titles Containing Keywords </ title>

<meta name = "description" content = "description that contains the targeted keyword">

<meta name = "Keywords" content = "Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3">

Where Can I Learn Meta Tags?
To explore the knowledge and knowledge of meta tags you can read on the website https://www.metatags.org/all_metatags. The contents of the website metatags have summarized various meta tags that you can know and will help you solve problems in business meta tag.

Does the Meta Tag Affect SEO?
In 2009, it turned out that Google had issued a statement that the meta tag did not affect anything in terms of SEO, especially in terms of ranking and ranking.

Because the Basics of Meta Tags only help search engines not to have trouble indexing pages on the website, to check whether the keywords and website summaries match the keywords searched for in the search. And if it matches then Google will display the Meta tag that has been described in the search results.

But of course for the year 2019 this website must be optimal because more and more rivals and SEO techniques are increasingly diverse. So the Meta Tag for SEO optimization is a must considering the tight competition in the google search engine.

What Happens If the Website Doesn't Have a Meta Tag?
Actually it doesn't matter if a website doesn't write Meta Tags, but don't blame search engines if the search results from your website are messy not because of the contents of the website but the description is not focused on certain keywords or certain keywords.

And usually the website will be read by search engines only in the initial part of the alias in the head section. So if you don't use the meta tag, the search results that appear on the screen will usually be home, menu etc. and not focused by displaying the particular word or keyword you expect.

Functions and Uses of the Meta Title
The function of the Meta Title is to describe the Page Title in the website. And this is very important and most influences the search engine results.

With the right and focused keywords, it will be easier to compete, so the results you get will be more optimal.

Function and Use of Meta Description
The function of the Meta Description is to describe the summary and core topics of discussion on the website.So that the results are more optimal it is recommended to use at least 70 characters and at most 160 characters.

Functions and Uses of Meta Keywords
The Meta Keywords function is to target targeted keyword topics so that search engines know keywords from the core summary discussion.

In the case of my article on Google I aim for 3 keywords including:
  1. Keyword Tips
  2. Ad Breaks Keyword
  3. Facebook keywords
With keyword functions, the search engines will know more about the core of the discussion in question and this will make it easier for you to target the keywords that are most often searched for by prospective visitors.

So many reviews about the importance of the Meta Tag that you need so that your website will be more easily searched by search engines, and will get a good reputation on Google.