What is the difference between White Hat SEO techniques and Black Hat SEO? Are you thinking that these two types of techniques seem contradictory or contradictory? Well, in this article I will discuss how the performance of the two techniques. Basically, both of these techniques, namely White SEO and Black SEO have the same goal to increase the ranking of a website so that it is easily found by search engines so that it gets a lot of traffic. Even though they have the same goals, the techniques are very different, each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages in its application.
Difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
1. Black Hat SEO Techniques
In the "SEO dictionary" the term Black Hat SEO is a SEO optimization technique that is done roughly that is by forcing search engines or search engines to see and force to increase the ranking of a website. Some techniques that have been done and are commonly done to get quick results using Black Hat SEO techniques include conducting practices to fool search engines, such as placing excessive keywords in an article or often called keyword stuffing, Subposes: keywords that are installed transparently or hidden keywords, automatic redirects to other article pages, Link Farming or how to collect active links on a single page. The advantages of implementing SEO using the Black Hat technique is that website traffic will increase more rapidly, but it won't last long because along with the development of algorithms applied by search engines, making websites that use this SEO technique will be blacklisted by the search engine.

2. White Hat SEO Techniques
If the Black Hat SEO technique is a bad SEO technique, then the opposite is the White Hat SEO technique. If you use this technique, White Hat SEO describes good ethical practices that are used to optimize your website with the aim of achieving the highest ranking on search engines using certain keywords. But unlike the Black Hat technique that seems instant and fast, White Hat SEO techniques require dedication with a long enough process to get good results in the long term. But this also depends on how you optimize the SEO, whether it's maximal or not. This is also quite fair because search engines will give rewards to quality websites by placing the top positions on the search and meeting the algorithm requirements. Well, if you want to do a good SEO optimization with the rules of search engines like Google, you can read the webmaster guidelines page published by Google. The webmaster guidelines include several important points that you can use to optimize your website, such as:
  1. Creating a website page with a purpose for users not for search engines
  2. Don't deceive users and avoid tricks aimed at increasing ranking in search engines. like tricks on Black Hat SEO
  3. Think about what makes your website unique and interesting
Make your website stand out compared to other websites by providing quality content in accordance with your field.Well, by paying attention to the rules contained in each of the search engine guidelines, then your website ranking will be liked by search engines and will automatically optimize your website's presence in the search engine.

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