Social media is one of the important tools that cannot be avoided from our daily lives. Because the presence of social media is very important in various aspects of life ranging from entertainment or entertainment, social, political, cultural, to business. However, errors on social media will have a negative impact on business. 

Especially in the business world, social media is now becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool. Because it cannot be denied, social media has a very broad ability to reach many people. In addition, through social media you can also develop your conventional business into an online domain. 

Hmm, very interesting right? However, you must be careful in conducting marketing activities through this social media. Because there are often many mistakes that can have a negative impact on your business as a whole. And in this article we will discuss this in depth. But before heading there, it will be more important if you first understand what social media is.
Errors on Social Media Gives Negative Impact on Business
Social Media Is
Social media or often misrepresented as social media is an online media, where users can very easily participate, communicate, share and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and the virtual world. Blogs, social networks and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people throughout the world today. Quoted from Wikipedia, Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as "a group of internet-based applications that build on the basis of ideology and Web 2.0 technology, and enable the creation and exchange of user-generated content" Social media itself has a classification because social media technology takes various forms including magazines, internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, photos or images, videos, rankings and social bookmarking. By applying various theories in the field of media research (social presence, media wealth) and social processes (self-presentation, self-disclosure) Kaplan and Haenlein created a classification scheme for all types of social media in their Horizons Business article published in 2010. According to Kaplan and Haenlein there are six types of social media, namely:

Collaboration project
The website allows its users to be able to change, add, edit, or delete any type of content on the website in this classification. For example wikipedia.

Blog and microblog
In this type of social media, users will be free to be able to express something on this blog such as venturing, free writing, writing about hobbies or favorite activities to criticize government policies. For example Twitter, Blogspot, WordPress.

Users of this website can share various kinds of media content, such as videos, ebooks, images, and so on. This one social media website is perfect for those of you who have creative thinking. An example of this type of website is YouTube.

Social networking site
Application that allows users to be able to connect by making personal information so that they can connect and communicate with other people whether they are people you know or not. Personal information can be like photographs. An example of this social media is Facebook, Instagram.

Virtual game world
The virtual world, where the 3D environment is applied, where users can appear as desired unique avatars and can interact with other people in the real world. Examples of this type of social media are online games.

Virtual social world
A virtual world where users feel like living in a virtual world, just like a virtual game world, interacting with others. However, Virtual Social World is more free, and more towards life that you can imagine for example second life. Okay without further ado, here are some errors on social media that can have a negative impact on your business.

Errors on Social Media that can have a bad impact on your business

1. Only Sharing Content About Products or Companies
Business social media does have a purpose to deliver your product to the audience. However, we also need to provide light content so that the audience is not bored and bored. For example, making light tips & tricks that can be practiced in everyday life. For example if you sell skin care products, then you can present tips on caring for facial skin, and so on. In addition, you can also hold giveaway, discounts or news about the latest things about the world of skin care that will interest your audience.

2. Ignoring or Ignoring Customers
Social media is a place where customers can communicate with us at the seller's position. This is where they find out more about your product before deciding to buy. If there are comments that come in, try to get your Customer Care team to reply immediately as soon as possible. The faster the response to customers, your credibility will increase. And the most fatal is if you ignore the audience for too long in a state of confusion, eat as much as possible they will run away and choose competitors or your rival company. Hmmm don't want this to be true right?

3. Rarely Update Content on Social Media
Errors on Social Media that can have a negative impact on your third business are rarely used to update content on social media. Like your personal social media that updates photos at any time, your brand must also appear before the public to gain brand awareness. Therefore, social media must always be updated with a variety of fresh content. Do not let you give a pause that is too far between one post with another post because it will make the audience saturated. One is enough once a day so that your followers become more aware and increase.

4. Do not approach the followers or audience
It's not wrong that the business ends selling or selling. However, business people in the past often forget that social media is not only for advertising about products. But also as a medium to build close relationships with customers. We also need to understand their needs, explore insights, and try to realize what they need.

5. Often Typo and misspellings
Errors on Social Media that can adversely affect the last business are often typos. Just a little mistake on social media can have a bad impact. For example, writing in a foreign language that is wrong or an EYD error. Try zero mistake so that customers don't run away and lose trust because you are too often wrong. Now that's the Error on Social Media that can have a negative impact on your business. To improve your business performance even better