Examples of Websites that Attract Visitors - Website is a collection of web pages that have media in it. Generally there is a domain name and is related to a minimum of one web server. Although the number of websites in this world amounts to more than millions of addresses, not many have visitors. Well, how about an example of a website that attracts visitors?

There are so many goals in creating a website, for example, making an online store to support the marketing of their products. Or create a portfolio website to market themselves or introduce themselves to the public. There are also those who make a personal website to write creative ideas.
Examples of Websites that Attract Visitors
But there are also those who do create a blog to attract a lot of visitors so that they bring in advertisers. So that the number of visitors means that the data so that advertisers want to advertise on their website. Actually what makes visitors feel at home for a long time on a website, whether it's a portfolio website, a personal blog or an online store?

Relevance is the Key to a Website Popular with Visitors
The relevance or accuracy of the contents of a website is the key to staying on your website for a long time. For example, for example, a website for cooking, of course, will contain content on how to cook and other tips about the world of cooking. But if a website with keywords and the main theme regarding cooking tips is filled with content containing tips on repairing a computer, for example, then the visitor will automatically leave.

Relevance also makes our website easily ranked highly by Google. Examples of good and highly ranked websites are optimal websites in terms of SEO. In addition, an example of a good website is a website that focuses on working on a theme. Then, how is the application of each type of website interesting?

Example Portfolio Website
If in the past the portfolio or CV was written simply and printed on a piece of paper. Or a physical photo album and cassette containing videos of the work. Now by using a website you can already have a simpler and more compact portfolio.

There are lots of examples of portfolio websites that can be used as templates. Various themes can be downloaded and applied for free. The easiest to use theme is the theme for the WordPress CMS.

Example of an Online Store Website
Having an online store is one of the many online business activities that people have today. Lots of people use the website as a way to market their products, besides using social media. This tends to be done by online businesses because using a website tends to be freer and can be customized according to the wishes of the manufacturer.

Some examples of online store websites that are often used are using wordpress, prestashop, or shopify. Not only that, but many vendors now provide a complete package of online store websites using their own CMS. However, specifically for wordpress CMS, it usually uses an additional plugin called woocommerce.

Examples of Business Websites
Just like a portfolio website, a business website aims to convey information about a business that is done by a company. Not only information, but also offers and price lists that are usually included on a business website. One example of a business website is a website owned by Apple Inc. Aside from being a portfolio, it is also useful to deliver programs and information to customers.

Example of a Personal Blog Website
Of the many examples of websites that we have discussed before, this type of personal website is arguably the most flexible and multifunctional. Lots of internet sellers who make personal blog websites to get revenue from adsense or other roads. Websites that are created can also be from basic wordpress or blogger. For both CMS, the internet usually buys domains to be able to release subdomains from wordpress or blogger.

What is a good website?
Making a website easier with the presence of a lot of CMS is more friendly to its users. This presence also further broadens the opportunity to do business online. Although many are still confused about what kind of website that attracts visitors. Simply put, there is a checklist that must be followed so that the website becomes attractive to visitors.

Clear and Strong Message
The website is the last opportunity to please the incoming audience. Well, what is the first time visitors see when they come to a website? Do they know what the website wants to say?

In order to get a website that successfully attracts visitors, we must have a clear message so that all visitors can understand it. The best way to communicate with visitors, is through the homepage. This also helps Google to understand what type of website they are crawling.

Easy Navigation
Another important thing for a website is navigation. Many website owners who fail to display a good and clear page order to navigate the visitors who come. The best way to make navigation easy is to create a logical structure, making it easier for incoming visitors to enter the next page.

Navigation will usually be easier to read if placed at the top of a website. In addition, adding breadcrumb is one way to facilitate navigation.

Content and Content
The main function of the website is to deliver relevant content, as we discussed earlier. Relevant content and provide solutions to the problems they face will make visitors feel at home on the website page they have.

Use clear, minimal language (typo) to encourage visitors to dig deeper into the content they are enjoying. Don't forget to create a content, including the desired keywords in the title section. This tactic is one of the most basic search engine optimization (SEO).

Building a Community
Building a community for business is one of the long-term investments that can be made. And the same as in building a community for a website owned. There are many examples of websites that can dance more visitors because they have a loyal community base.

This community building activity can be done by creating a Facebook group or other social media. Using social media as a "companion" to a website is quite proven to help increase traffic. As well as to accommodate loyal readers to stay engaged on our website.

Creating a website that can attract more visitors is fairly simple. By paying attention to the content displayed, and rules in SEO. Whereas free wordpress themes can be found on the internet.