Alexa is often a good reference to the reputation of a website, from the ranking issued by the Alexa system. Then what is Alexa? Alexa is a website that provides ranking scores obtained by a website. So Alexa will rank websites throughout the world that have been registered in the Alexa system.

Alexa displays 2 types of rankings, namely World ranking and Local ranking. So that it can easily check which number is a website, and now the website that holds the first order is still there and followed by Facebook.
Factors Affecting Alexa Rank Up and Down
Factors Affecting Alexa Rank Up and Down
the factors mentioned are the results of research on the alexa ranking, the more my ranking day rises, and continues to rise until now.

1. Visitors
For the results of the first research were visitors, this has been proven from one of the studies proven by my friend, he created a new blog and then registered in Alexa. Initially 9 million global ranking and no local ranking and the blog only has 1 article.

Because he got a lot of traffic from YouTube to hundreds of thousands of readers in a few weeks, finally Alexa ranking rose dramatically. In a week the Alexa rank rose to 2 million global rankings and 45 thousand local rankings.

2. Submit Post to Google
Incidentally, for this second point I researched it myself and this has been proven

In that article, I did some research about the effect if I did not write the article in one day, and it turned out that my ranking dropped dramatically, because I was not actively writing in just one day.

3. Rating Article
For this reason, it is also very chaotic, I myself have felt the effects of the pageon of an article. When the article became Google's top page one, suddenly my Alexa rank rose drastically from the previous 24 thousand to 17 thousand.

This means that articles also enhance ranking obtained from Alexa. The more articles that are page one, the better the Alexa ranking is obtained. Therefore, if you want to increase the Alexa ranking, try reviewing articles about topics that have not been widely discussed by others.