Google Promises Better Breakthrough on the Web A shocking news came from Google where they would soon close AdSense. However, the closure of AdSense in question is not the closing of the program but the closing of the application for both Android and iOS users.
Focus on the Web, AdSense Application Ended in 2019
Reporting from the official page, Google will soon close the AdSense application at the end of 2019. Even if you think about it, the AdSense application users are very much, which is around 70%. But in its official website, Google says, if they focus on the web, they will be able to make various kinds of breakthroughs.
By investing in a variety of platforms, we will be able to deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile faster than we can today.
Main Causes of AdSense Applications Closed
The closing of an application certainly does not come suddenly, especially the AdSense application is a large application where the application is worked directly by Google, a giant company in the field of technology and AdSense users are not a bit because this application is a mandatory application for Bloggers and also YouTuber.

However, after having investigated, it turned out that the cause of the AdSense application was closed because the Google team canceled or failed to redesign the AdSense application on Android and iOS. The result, they also decided to stop the application and focus more on the web or site.

With the closure of the AdSense application at the end of 2019, the activities of users to find out the revenue received will be a little disturbed because they have to access it on the web. But reported by the official page, Google will use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) so that even though it is accessed via the web, users are still free to use it on their smartphones.

How is the fate of other applications?
In an effort to provide easy access to its users to their services, Google is indeed half-hearted where they always present two choices to its users, namely the web and also the application.

Google presents the YouTube site, then they make a YouTube application and also YouTube Studio. Google presents Google Drive site, they also present the Google Drive application. In fact, Google makes the Blogger platform, they also present the Blogger application.

If you look at the case of an AdSense application, some applications may also not be safe from closing. Although later some applications are closed, of course we as users hope, Google will provide a better change because an application may not be useful for user A, but for B users it is very useful.