How to Change Wifi Password - Internet connection is one part of life inseparable from today's society. Everything that concerns daily life often uses technology which requires internet network. That's why the number of WiFi users is increasing. The use of WiFi certainly makes it easy for you to get an internet network.

For new users, there may be some difficulties encountered such as not knowing how to change the WiFi password. Changing WiFi passwords is important so that not many people use your internet network for free. See the full article about how to change WiFi passwords.
Guide on How to Change Wifi Password
How to change WiFi password using a PC
The first way to change a WiFi password can be done using a PC. Connect your PC to the internet network by using a WiFi connection that you want to change the password.

Access Type this number in the browser address bar column. You can use any browser because there is no influence or difference. Next you will be connected to the initial interface.

The next step, you are asked to enter a username and password to be able to access and change the WiFi password. If this is your first time changing the password, then type admin in the username column and the password selection column. Pay attention to the writing correctly. Type users without capital letters as a prefix. Don't forget to click login.

After you have successfully logged in, look for the Network selection menu on the left side of the interface screen.

If you have clicked on the Network option, the WLAN, LAN, and Port Locating options will appear. You select WLAN, then click the Security option.

Focus your attention on the right side after you click the Security option. There will appear several columns with some information. Find in the column WPA Passphrase.

Next to the WPA Passphrase option, there is a column where you can change your WiFi password, type the password you want instead of the old password. Provisions for WiFi passwords consist of 8-63 characters. In order for your WiFi password to be stronger, combine numbers, capital letters and lowercase letters.

If you are sure of the new password, click the Submit button at the bottom right of the interface.
Now you have successfully carried out a series of ways to change WiFi passwords via PC.

How to change a WiFi password using a cellphone
Besides using a PC, you can also change WiFi passwords via a smartphone. The way is exactly the same as you use a PC. The first step you have to access is through the browser that you have on your cellphone. Then you will come on the main home page to enter your username and password. Type admin in the field beside the username and password.

Select the Network menu, then WLAN, then Security on the right side of the interface or the left side. After meeting it, several columns will appear with various information on the side. To change the password, look for the column that says WPA Passphrase. Enter the password you want instead of the old password.

This important way to change WiFi passwords you know and must be remembered so that not many can access your internet network. The large number of users accessing the internet from one network will cause the connection to be slower. In addition to paying attention to the security of WiFi passwords, you who have your own website must also pay attention to their security so that they are not exposed to malware, down, or experiencing slow loading.