This is a list of 5 criteria for high quality backlinks needed in order to properly offpage SEO. No need to linger anymore, let us immediately discuss one by one from the list of 5 criteria for High Quality Backlink Criteria for SEO below.
High Quality Backlink Criteria for SEO Purposes
1. Links with Traffic (Link with Traffic)
The best backlinks are links that are clicked by the user (randomly and constantly) so that it will bring traffic to your website. Besides that, it must have been indexed by Google. Links with this type of treatment usually also meet the criteria for other quality backlinks and are certainly relevant and reliable.

One trick to getting links with traffic is by making backlinks from quality content, especially for the blog post method, aged web 2.0 and PBN or Private Blog Network. That is, make content that is unique, long and SEO friendly even though it is only placed in tier-1 and not for moneysite. Another way is to insert quality backlinks on content that already has traffic before. 

This trick is suitable for applying to the blog post method. Instead of ordering a new blog post, you can request that the link be inserted in an existing post. Of course you have to request access to visitor statistics such as Google Analytics or Histats to blog owners to be able to find out which posts have gotten traffic. Usually blog owners do not object to such requests, of course as long as the price is appropriate.
2. Indexed & Dofollow (Indexed & DoFollow)
It's like having a big motorbike, but the sound of the muffler is never noisy, like having diamond diamond-edged rings but never used when on the road, that's a simple picture of a link that isn't indexed. Who will know if you have things that are indeed purchased for use and exhibit? Because even though Google is very diligent in crawling the web and links all the time, there are times when it skips important links that belong to you. 

In fact, almost all SEO tools are only able to see the value of a collection of indexed backlinks. Backlinks that are not indexed means that they are not visible and that something that is not visible is considered non-existent. So as good as any backlinks that you have, if they are not indexed, they become useless items. 

And so that the link can be indexed, for the umpteenth time, you focus only on backlinks from quality sites that are usually quickly indexed by Google. If necessary, you use third-party indexing backlink services such as Backlinksindexer, Linklicious, Lindexed and so on. For those of you who use SEO services, guaranteed indexed backlinks can be one indicator of quality service. Furthermore, backlinks that are also considered good and have a value that is those that have dofollow attributes, which means they can allow Google to follow them. The opposite of this attribute is nofollow which means it does not allow Google to follow it.

He still calculates nofollow to be able to get rankings and not a few people say that dofollow and nofollow links are just as important and are one way to get verified. We ourselves advise you to give priority to dofollow links, but if indeed you can get a nofollow link, then that doesn't become a problem, especially when it comes to links from social media.
Indexed & Dofollow
3. Relevant & Trusted (Relevant & Trusted)
Relevant backlinks are very important for Google, which is always obsessed with the relevant. Relevant means coming from a blog that has a similar or similar niche, you do not want to have a link for your home blog from another site that is completely unrelated, for example like game software or Teen fashion. In addition, backlinks must also be on a trusted blog, not like a spammy web or a suspicious dummy blog. 

The high authority website is the best, then the web has a TLD domain that has good parameters for indexing, content, alexa rank, traffic, domain authority and others. Other factors that also determine the level of trust and value of a backlink are the total number of outbound links found on websites that can provide backlinks to us. 

The greater the number, the smaller the value. This factor is referred to as the OBL (outbound links) score with the logic that if a site has too many outgoing links (to other sites) that are not matched by the incoming link (from another site), then the link juic value is small, because it is distributed to many places. Compare it like the power of a cannon to destroy a building using small catapults fired at many targets.
Relevant & Trusted
4. Non-Reciprocal (Non-Reciprocity)
Reciprocal means back and forth, and reciprocal links are types of links where a site provides links to other sites that provide backlinks. Give each other. Usually this kind of link is obtained through a forum that provides a place or place to exchange links or link exchange which is quite crowded with website owners. Unfortunately, reciprocal links are a type of link that is not liked by Google and in principle does not provide significant benefits. 

Evidence of Google's displeasure with reciprocal links is the sinking of blog directory sites that were once very popular and become one of the most popular recommendations from offpage seo such as Blogtoplist, Bloggeries, Technorati, Ontoplist and others. 

Almost all of the blog directories above require reciprocal links before your site can be included in their list by placing a button, which is usually referred to as a "chicklet" that will point to their site on our site. The opposite of reciprocal links is non-reciprocal links or usually also referred to as one way links. This is the type you will look for for your backlink.

5. Diversified
An entity cannot be included in an extraordinary category before it gets recognition from many parties. So is the blog. To maximize backlinks in SEO offpage, you need diversity and diversification. The ways to make it happen can be various, ranging from diversifying the TLD (com, net, org dil, hosting (ip and location), anchor text, to the platform. The last is the most important type to play. Quality links can come from the forum , online shop, aged web 2.0, social media, etc. The more various backlinks that enter your website, the more web will be recognized and Trafficny will be even higher.

That is a brief explanation from me regarding the Criteria for High-Quality Backlinks For Your Web SEO Needs. With you applying the 5 criteria above, of course you will be easy to be able to get quality backlinks.