How to Add the YouTube Subscriber - From Inbound Marketing we learn that in marketing something, the goal is not only to sell goods, but to provide quality products so that they leave an impression on customers. This also applies to published content. And Add the YouTube Subscriber Not only publishing content with a large volume.YouTube Subscriber 2019

The content created must also be quality and can be optimized. Maybe first, the content is only in the form of words or writing. But now the content desired by the viewer is not just a blog or ebook. Content is developing a lot, like blogs that don't only provide articles, but are accompanied by videos or podcasts. And nowadays videos are very popular with many people. The emergence of other content formats also raises the need to optimize them on search engines.
How to Add the YouTube Subscriber 2019
As we know, YouTube is the largest platform, the place where viewers search for a variety of videos. At the beginning or end of the video, there must be an invitation to like and subscribe, because creators need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year, so that their YouTube channel can make a profit. Then how do you add YouTube subscribers? What steps can be taken to optimize your YouTube Channel so that the subscriber increases? Can SEO be one way to add subscribers?

# 1. Give Video File Names Using Keyword
Just like when you do when optimizing written content, you will also use SEO Tools to identify keywords that you want to focus on for videos. After determining the keyword, the first place that must be included is the video file itself even before you upload it to YouTube, because YouTube cannot 'see' whether your video content matches the title or not. However, YouTube can read the names of your video files and all the codes when you upload videos. So if the keyword you want to use is how to create a website, then make it your video file name followed by video formats such as MP4, MOV, and others.

# 2. Enter the Keyword in the Title of the Video Naturally
When we search for videos on YouTube, the most interesting thing is the title. The title is the factor that determines whether the viewer will see our video or not. So make a title that is not only interesting, but clear and concise. Keywords have a big role even if only listed in the title, especially if the title matches what the viewer is looking for. Research carried out by Backlinko found that videos with keywords listed in the title were slightly superior to those who did not implement them. Even so, this trick is a good idea to optimize the title, if it matches the keywords that clearly describe the video. And make sure not to make the title too long. 60 characters is the safe limit so that the title is not truncated on the result page.
# 3. Video Description Optimization
According to Google, the official limit for the description of YouTube videos is 1,000 characters. Even though you can write 1,000 full characters, rarely do viewers read video descriptions, because they are more likely to immediately watch videos. If you still want to write a long video description, please note that YouTube only shows the first 2 or 3 lines, which number around 100 characters. The rest, the viewer must click Show More to display more descriptions. Therefore, you should make a description with the most important information at the beginning. Then to optimize the video itself, there's nothing wrong with adding video transcripts, for those who watch without volume. The optimized description will help your video appear on Suggested Video, which is a significant source for most channels. Description is a place where you can give enough words. This means that you can optimize YouTube SEO in this section as one way to add subscribers.

# 4. Tag with popular keywords and according to the topic
YouTube’s Creator Academy suggests using tags so the viewer knows what the video is about. By tagging, you not only tell the viewer, but you also tell YouTube. That way, YouTube knows which videos can be linked, which can expand the reach of video content. Choose tags wisely. Do not just give a tag, let alone tags that are not relevant to the contents of the video.

# 5. Categorize Videos
After uploading the video, you can categorize the video in Advance Settings. Selecting a category is another way to group your videos with similar videos on YouTube, so that you get more viewer exposure. These tips may not be as easy as they seem. Even YouTube’s Creator Academy advises marketers to find categories through a comprehensive process. Correctly categorizing videos can be one way to add subscribers.

# 6. Upload Thumbnail Images for Search Results Links
Thumbnail is the first image that the viewer sees when searching for video search results. Along with the title, the thumbnail image will give the viewer a grid about the contents of the video. Therefore, thumbnail images can affect the number of clicks and the number of your video views. Actually you can choose thumbnail images that are automatically created by YouTube, but it is strongly recommended to create the thumbnail image yourself. YouTube Creator Academy says that 90% of videos rated as having the best performance have special thumbnails. For our information, your YouTube account needs to be verified first if you want to upload your own thumbnail. Attractive and relevant thumbnail views can be one way to add subscribers. As a viewer, you will definitely believe in an attractive appearance, right?

# 7. Use SRT Files to Add Subtitles and Closed Captions
As discussed earlier, subtitles and closed captions can encourage YouTube search optimization by highlighting important keywords. To add subtitles and close captions to videos, you need to upload text transcripts that support or timed subtitles. You can also add text to old videos. The text will automatically sync to your video. Add Subtitles or Closed Captions the same way. You only need to open the video manager, then click "Video". Look for the video you want to add Subtitles or Closed Captions, then click the drop-down arrow next to the edit button. Select Text / CC, where you can choose how Subtitles and Closed Caption are added.

# 8. Add Cards and End Screens to Add Viewers on the YouTube Channel
What are Cards? When you watch a video, have you ever seen a white round icon in the top right corner, with the letter i in the middle? That is Cards. You can add up to 6 Cards in one video. The six types of Cards are:
  • Channel cards, which will direct the viewer to another channel.
  • Donation cards, which will encourage fundraising on behalf of US non-profit organizations.
  • Fan funding, which will ask the viewer to support making video content.
  • Link cards, which will direct the viewer to an external site. For example, in the form of an official website where you sell merchandise.
  • Poll cards, which display questions to the viewer and allow them to choose responses.
  • Videos or playlist cards, which will direct viewers to other similar YouTube content.
  • End Screens
The appearance of End Screens is almost the same as Cards. However, as you know, End Screens will not appear before the video ends. You must pass a number of instructions to add End Screens, depending on what type of platform you want and what type of content is allowed by YouTube. It is important for you to know, that YouTube always tests End Screens to try to optimize the viewer experience, so there will be times when the End Screens you make do not appear as they should.
 SEO Optimization to Add Subscriber
Optimizing SEO on YouTube can be one way to add subscribers. The tricks above may be complicated and time consuming, but keep in mind that now, the time people spend watching YouTube has doubled from year to year. There are many viewers on YouTube, so when you optimize YouTube, the opportunity to add subscribers will also increase. The SEO tips above also depend on how you identify keywords and promote videos correctly. The above tips can be done not only on YouTube. You can use YouTube SEO tools to optimize search results. Tools that you can try for example Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Canva, VidIQ Vision, TubeBuddy, or Cyfe. Those are some ways to add subscribers that you can try, namely by optimizing YouTube SEO. The hope is, by optimizing SEO, your videos will appear more frequently in search results. Good luck.