How to Become a Publisher on Google AdSense - Google is not only popular thanks to sophisticated search engine pages that prove to be useful for many people. But a company based in Mountain View, California, United States is also well known through Google AdSense services that are proven to pay.

Anyone can have a large earning potential from Google AdSense. Just so you know how to become a publisher on Google AdSense.
How to Become a Publisher on Google AdSense
If at this time you might be interested in earning income through the internet. You can start by becoming a publisher of a blog. Next it works with this popular Google service, to display ads that are on Google AdSense on your blog.

Easy huh at first glance it sounds easy. But believe me, not a few publishers are trying to work with the best advertising collaboration services that Google has that are rejected.

I myself thank God, thanks to the input of a friend and the best guidance from a teacher. I could not feel Google's refusal, when I first registered as a publisher on Google AdSense.

But after the massive banned conducted by Google, I forgot exactly what date and month. If it's not wrong around 2012 or 2013. I finally got the feeling that I was repeatedly rejected when I tried to register again as a new publisher on Google AdSense.

But fortunately thanks to understanding the contents of the refusal posted by the Google AdSense support team via email. And following the guidelines of the Google AdSense support team, I finally re-registered as a new publisher in this popular Google advertising service.

There are a number of Google AdSense requirements and criteria that must be fulfilled to be registered as a publisher on Google AdSense.

Well, one guide for publishers listed on Google AdSense. Yes, we must meet all the requirements and criteria required by Google AdSense.

In order to minimize the risk of rejection when registering with Google AdSense. There is nothing wrong with reading this post in a relaxed position to the end.

How to Become a Publisher in Google AdSense

What Is Google AdSense

For those who have long been an AdSense publisher, of course they already know what Google AdSense is. So how about some of those who might just want to become publishers on Google AdSense?

It is highly recommended to know Google AdSense first. Because, do not know then no love.
Google AdSense is Google's premium advertising service, experienced in working with thousands of advertisers around the world. Included in Indonesia.

Furthermore, publishers registered in Google AdSense can display Google AdSense partner advertisements on their blogs.

In simpler languages, Google AdSense is a Google partner advertising service that is distributed through the Google AdSense publisher blog.

The advantages of Google AdSense
Those who have become publishers on Google AdSense may agree with me. That, Google AdSense is indeed superior to several other advertising services.

Some of the advantages of Google AdSense that I feel is that data reports are very transparent. And most importantly, publisher commission payments are always on time.Interestingly, currently there is a payment system via wire transfers from several banks in Indonesia

Weakness of Google Adsense
Although superior, still Google's premium advertising services have weaknesses.
The first weakness, it is not easy for publishers to be accepted directly on Google AdSense and display ads on their blog.So many experienced publishers to date continue to share content that continues to discuss methods of becoming a publisher on Google AdSense.

The second weakness, Google banned uncompromising even without prior notice.I have experienced this, when Google banned mass accounts on a large scale in 2012 or 2013's.

How to Register for Google AdSense
There are many ways that publisher can take to register on Google AdSense.The two most recommended popular ways that you can choose are by registering using a blog or using a YouTube account.

How to Register AdSense Using a Blog
Publishers will definitely choose the first method when they want to be registered with Google AdSense. How to become a publisher on Google AdSense using a blog is quite easy and fast.

You only need to visit the Google AdSense registration page. Log in using your Gmail account. Register the address or url of your blog. Complete contact information for your AdSense account. Install ad code on the blog.

Furthermore, Google will review the blog that you have registered. Long review differs from publisher to publisher. But most reviews last 2 to 3 days of work time.

How to Register AdSense Via a YouTube Account
For you creative videos and Vlogers, how to register via a YouTube account will certainly be your choice.

Some people believe that registering AdSense via a YouTube account is much easier. And the opportunity to be accepted as a Google AdSense publisher via YouTube is also very large.

How to Become a Successful Publisher on Google AdSense
When Google has fully approved and activated your Google AdSense Account. I can congratulate you. You have succeeded in meeting the criteria and requirements as a publisher in Google AdSense.

And the next success that needs to be achieved is how to get AdSense income.
This is a fairly heavy and challenging job that must be lived by every Google AdSense publisher.

But, not a few how come publishers who successfully complete the job. And managed to get a big income thanks to Google AdSense. So what methods need to be done in order to become a successful publisher on Google AdSense?

Creating Quality Content - Quality content is informative content that is useful for all readers. And provide solutions to problems faced by readers.

Build quality backlinks - By doing the right backlink development technique (No Spam), it can boost your blog's Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Diligent Promotion - Use social media as a means of free and paid promotions. Proven effective at making your blog more widely known by all Internet users.

Always Add Insights - Don't ever feel full, always add your insight as a publisher. You can join forums that specifically discuss blog optimization and Google AdSense optimization.

Pray, Tawakal and Be Grateful - Always pray, especially when you are going to publish new quality content on your blog. Give up all matters to Allah SWT, the Almighty. And always grateful for the results and hard work that has been done while building a blog.

So how to become a publisher on Google AdSense is to register first with Google services. Either register using an informative, quality blog or use a YouTube account with useful channels.

How to become a publisher on Google AdSense is indeed not easy. But if you work regularly, consistently, consistently and consistently, it is not impossible that you will be directly proportional to your AdSense income. Amen, Salam.