How to Calculate Percent - Hello, welcome to my article which on this occasion we will discuss how to calculate percent. Maybe some of us don't know how to calculate percent? As for calculating the percent is including things you need to master friends, because later you really need it in your daily life.
How To Calculate Percent And Discount
The materials regarding the exact percent are in all fields, especially buying and selling businesses. You can use tools such as calculators to calculate the percentage increase in business profits that you live too.

On this occasion we all try to explain how to calculate percent. To make it easier to understand, we will also give a number of examples of questions looking for percent complete with the discussion.

Then, to calculate what percent is the formula available? of course there are friends. Alright below is the review:
  • Formula for Calculating Percent
  • How to Calculate Percent
  • Percentage (%) = (part / whole) x 100
Through the use of the formula above, you can change the ratio or fraction into a percentage. In essence, multiplying fractions as well as ratios can be 100 that gives a percentage.

You can also use the formula to calculate fractions of the percentage values that we already know. So that more clearly, Below is an example of a problem for calculating percentages.
  1. What is the result of 50% of 100?
  2. Discussion
  3. 50/100 x 100 = 50
  4. So, the answer is 50% of 100 which is 50
Examples of Calculating Percent Problems

1. Examples of Calculating Percent Problems
There is a glass containing 400 ml of water, then add another 40 ml of water. What is the total percent increase in water volume?

  • Then the percent increase in water volume is
  • (40 ml / 400 ml) x 100 = 10%
2. Example of Calculating Percent Problems
A shirt costs Rp. 50,000 then the dress has a 10% discount, how to find 10% of 50,000, and what is the actual price of the shirt?

Method I
  1. Percent value = [Percent Value] x [100] x [Fraction Value]
  2. 10: 100 × 50,000 = 0.1 x 50,000 = 5,000
Method II
  • Percent value = [Percent Value] x [Fraction Value]: [100]
  • 10 × 50,000 / 100 = 5,000
  • Then the price of clothes = 50,000 - 5000 = 45,000
Suppose we already knew the value of a fraction and would look for the percentage, like the example above we would look for 5,000 out of 50,000 what percentage? so we can calculate it through the formula below:
  • Percent = [Value]: [Fraction Value] x [100]
  • 5,000: 50,000 × 100 = 10%
3. Example of Calculating Percent Problems
Angga has a loan at a bank of 120,000,000 in installments per month 4,730,000 per month for 47 times, what is the monthly installment percentage?

  • Loan of 120,000,000
  • Installments 4.730,000 / mo x 47 = 222,310,000
  • % = 120,000,000 / 222,310,000 x 100
  • % = 53.97
  • Loan 120,000,000 / 47 = 2,553,191
  • Installments of 4.730,000
  • % = 2,553,191 / 4,730,000 x 100
  • % = 53.97
You can also use a tool to calculate percentages with an application that is Microsoft Excel on a computer or laptop.

How to Calculate Interest Percentage
While still in this article, at the same time in this article we will try how to calculate the percentage of bank interest as well as motor vehicle loans by applying simple mathematical formulas and easy to understand.

How to Calculate a Bank's Interest
How to calculate a bank loan interest such as perihalnya like calculating the amount of motor vehicle loan interest. The percentage itself means that is per hundred / divided by 100.

  • 1% = 1: 100
  • 10% = 10: 100
  • 50% = 50: 100
For example, you still credit money in the bank with the amount of IDR 20,000,000, - for 1 year with an interest of 2% per month. So the total amount of the bank's interest is ...
  • Bank Interest = Rp. 20,000,000 x 3%
  • Bank Interest = Rp 20,000,000 x 2/100
  • Bank Interest = Rp. 40,000,000 / 100
  • Bank Interest = Rp. 400,000 (per month)
If you accumulate the total in 12 months, it's only multiplied by 12 months. IDR 400,000 x 12 months = IDR 4,800,000

Now we are back, if your loan at the bank is IDR 20,000,000 then the interest for each month is IDR 150,000. What is the percentage of interest?

  • Rp. 150,000 / 20,000,000 = 0.0075
To get the% value, the decimal number is multiplied by 100. Then the result is 0.75%

How to Calculate the Interest Percentage of a Car or Motorcycle Loan Bank
Actually, the dealer does not issue vehicle loans to you, however, your vehicle payment is paid in full from the leasing bank to the dealer. Then the next payment is the same as lending money to the bank.

Dealers only complete matters of motor vehicle documents such as vehicle registration, BPKB, and number plate. In the future the dealer has responsibility for the warranty service during the contract agreement.

How is the down payment or what we usually know with a down payment? How do you calculate it?
For example like this, you choose the Duck motorcycle credit at one of the dealers in your city. The total price of the bicycle is considered IDR 14 million and you pay a down payment of IDR 4 Million.

So the remaining principal price that you must pay is Rp. 10 Million. Now the total credit paid by leasing to the dealer is IDR 10 Million (after deducting the DP).

So the picture is this:
You have Rp. 4 Million to cover the rest you lend to a Rp. 10 Million lease with a guarantee, BPKB. All costs are Rp. 15 Million then used to buy a duck motorbike to dealers at a price of Rp. 14 Million.

  • Price of motorbike = IDR 14 million
  • DP = 4 Million
  • Length of installment = 36 Months (3 years)
What percentage of interest?

  • Total interest (36 months) = Rp. 400,000 x 36 = Rp. 14,400,000
  • Total interest (36 months) = Rp. 14,400,000 - Rp. 10,000,000 = Rp. 4,400,000
  • Total interest (36 months) = Rp. 4,400,000 / 36 = Rp. 122,222, -
  • Interest Percentage = Rp 122,222 / Rp 10,000,000 = 0.012 or 1.2% per month.
The total amount of this interest percentage includes insurance premiums. The interest in 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years will also be different.

That's how to calculate bank interest as well as motor vehicle loan interest in leasing. The amount of interest along with the price of the motorbike in the example above is only an estimate, not the actual number. But the method used is according to the above, only the number is changed.

Formula for Calculating Discounts
  • Price Discount = Initial Price x Discount Percentage
How to calculate the price of certain items affected by discounts is actually not very difficult, as an example, if an item has a price of Rp. 400 thousand, then the item is given a discount of 10%, so for the first thing you have to do is count how many real discount amount! How to ? Just use the formulas listed above.
  • Discount price = initial price x discount percentage
  • Discount price = IDR 400,000 x 10%
  • Discount price = IDR 400,000 x 10/100
  • Discount price = IDR 40,000
Once you know the amount of the discount, you can only find out the discount on the item. So, the total money that you have to give in order to buy the item is ...
  • Final price = initial price - discount price
  • Final price = IDR 400,000 - IDR 40,000
  • Final price = Rp. 360,000
Then the price you have to pay for the item that has been reduced by a discount is Rp. 360,000, -
Example of Calculating Discounts

The following are some examples of how to calculate discounts as your training material at home and how to solve them.

Problem Example 1
Angga wanted to buy one flower from paper for Rp 200,000 because when that time again coincided with the celebration of the new year. So, the interest gets a discount of 40%. What is the total cost that should be paid by Angga in order to buy the interest from the paper?

Known :
  • The initial price = Rp. 200,000
  • Discount price = initial price x discount percentage
  • Discount price = Rp. 200,000 x 40%
  • Discount price = Rp. 200,000 x 40/100
  • Discount price = Rp. 80,000
  • Final price = ...?
  • Final price = initial price - discount price
  • Final price = Rp. 200,000 - Rp. 80,000
  • Final price = Rp. 120,000
So the total cost that must be paid by Budi in order to buy the bag is Rp. 120,000

Problem Example 2
Ibu Rahma wanted to buy a new cupboard, after choosing the wardrobe she wanted, Mrs. Rahma then went to the cashier to pay for the cupboard. After being given a discounted price of 50% the price of the cupboard was Rp. 650,000. Calculate the initial price of the cabinet before giving a discount.

Known :

  • Final price = Rp. 650,000
  • percentage discount = 50%
  • The initial price = ...?
  • Use Logic comparison:
  • X% + Y% = Z%
  • 50% + 50% = 100%
  • IDR X + IDR 650,000 = IDR Z
  • (IDR 650,000 x 50%): 50% = IDR 650,000
  • Then the initial price is IDR 650,000 + IDR 650,000 = IDR 1,300,000
  • Then the initial price of the refrigerator before the discount discount is Rp. 1,300,000
Such is the brief material on how to calculate percent, how to calculate discounts, with the formula of calculating percent and the formula for calculating complete discounts along with examples of questions and how to solve them.