Before starting an online business that you want, the first step that needs to be done is to choose a domain name and of course hosting services. Hosting is the main element that needs to be determined at the beginning, because this is where all the fields related to the website begin. Here is a way to choose cheap hosting that you can follow. Because not all hosting services are really cheap and provide excellent service.
How to Choose Cheap Hosting Indonesia
How to Choose Cheap Hosting with the Best Service
There are several conditions that must be met before buying a cheap hosting. This is because competition in cheap hosting services is very much. Almost in every major city in Indonesia has a cheap hosting service provider. So there will be a lot of options that you can choose before buying hosting. And to make it easier for you to find the best cheap hosting, you can follow the following conditions:

24/7 Customer Support
Customer support or service for important customers is included in this list because often we as lay people experience obstacles in hosting usage. And of course, to overcome this problem we need to get help from related web hosting services. A good customer support will help the client in any problems that may arise when operating a hosting service.

Customer support on hosting services does not stop only on someone who will pick up the phone or reply to chat questions from the client. However, the customer service is responsible for connecting a client who has a problem to someone who serves as technical support. A technical support is the one who will guide a client to solve a problem or process the problem directly. And one of the best ways to choose cheap hosting is those who provide 24/7 support services.

Choosing a Cheap Hosting with Fast Server
The next way to choose cheap hosting is to determine which hosting service provides the server at high speed. High speed does not only help website visitors to get information faster. But also so that the SEO website can be more optimal. This is because Google takes into account the loading speed of a website before increasing its ranking.

A good hosting server must have high uptime. Because you will have the opportunity to lose traffic or website visitors who may indeed be looking for information on the website they have, but evaporate because the server used is down. Some cases that often occur is that a hosting is down due to a very high traffic increase during certain hours which is actually a prime time clock for website users owned by their clients.

Cheap Hosting with Large Storage Capacity
Cheap hosting service providers usually play a little with these words. Moreover, with the amount of capacity provided. And prospective users are better off doing research as a way of choosing cheap hosting that will be used, which hosting provides the most storage capacity.

The storage capacity of hosting has to do with the type of content uploaded to the client's website. The greater the type of content entered into the website, the less available space will be. It is like we use a flashdisk that is filled with many movie files with a large size, then the remaining storage will be less.

Choosing cheap hosting with a large capacity will help you when you need to upgrade hosting services, with greater capacity because the content that appears more and more. In addition to saving on expenditure costs, it will also save time when choosing early, large capacity hosting services.

Cheap Hosting with Big Bandwidth
What is bandwidth and why should you choose large bandwidth every time you search for cheap hosting services? The answer is because bandwidth determines the performance of a website and of course it will impact on visitor satisfaction. Not only that but also the derivative of the problem that might be generated is the decrease in ranking of searches for the keywords used.

Bandwidth is the ability of a server to transfer data in seconds. Therefore, the amount of data displayed is bit / second. The average transfer rate has a significant influence when a website is accessed by many people. So that sometimes it will slow down and go down when many people access it. Of course you don't want to, website visitors experience interference when accessing, and results in loss of traffic?

Hosting with the best prices
Domainesia as a 9 year old hosting and domain service provider provides the best alternative for those of you who are looking for cheap hosting with the best service. We provide various hosting packages that are tailored to the needs of each prospective user, and of course with BANDWIDTH UNLIMITED

With competitive prices starting at IDR 8000, users can choose the desired hosting package according to the needs of the website that will be created. Not only offers unlimited bandwidth but also unlimited email services for those of you who want to use email as one of the marketing channels.

Every cheap hosting service provider has its own policies related to pricing and various features offered to prospective customers. Prospective users of hosting services are also better off seeing a lot of reviews before choosing a hosting package that will be used. For this you can see the hosting advisor, or various other review sites. Congratulations on choosing