Expired domains are domains that have been registered by individuals, businesses, or organizations, but are not updated after the contract ends, or deliberately stop the contract. After the contract is complete, the domain can be re-registered. There are many reasons why many people leave the domain. One reason could be because the project did not meet expectations or experienced liquidation. A domain can even be free, but it is usually followed by risks, for example the previous owner received a warning of possible trademark violations. Using expired domains can also result in legal consequences. That is why research expired domains are important to do. There are several reasons why expired domains can be very popular. You must be careful before registering.
How to Find Safe and Quality Expired Domains
What happens after the domain expires?
Various things can happen after the validity period of a domain runs out. The domain can be extended by the owner, purchased by auction, or returned to the registry (master database for domain names). But before that happens, the party that rents out the domain, usually will have the opportunity to repurchase the right to use a domain name that has expired. But it is much easier to renew the domain name before it expires.

How do owners know when the domain expires?
It is the responsibility of the registrar (service provider) to notify their customers when their domain will expire soon. Domain owners can also check their own domain expiration dates through a WHOIS search. WHOIS data includes data about who owns the domain, contact details, when the domain is purchased, and when the domain expires. WHOIS is not a centralized database, but data that is managed by various registrars and a registry certified by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Can the original registrant extend the expired domain?
Usually there is a grace period where the registrant can still buy the expired domain without paying additional fees, but the length of the grace period between users can vary. It can be one or two weeks, one year or not even offered at all. The length of the grace period also depends on the type of top level domain or TLD used. After the grace period there is usually a redemption period, where the owner can still renew their domain. Registrants usually require more fees if an extension is made in this period other than the extension fee itself. This period is a maximum of 30 days.

When can new registrants buy a domain that has expired?
A domain can be said to be expired or expired after going through the 'pending delete' period. The total time from grace period to the redemption period is several weeks or can last up to more than one year. After the two periods, the domain will enter the 'pending delete' stage for a short time. A domain is in a state called 'pending delete' for about 5 days after the redemption period ends. Pending delete means that the domain will expire soon. The actual domain is not deleted after the pending delete phase is over, the deleted data is recorded in the WHOIS. Then after this period ends, the domain owner can sell the domain on the open market. But you also need to know that not all domains that have been expired are prepared for resale. If no one buys, the domain may be returned to the original registry after a certain period of time. The domain name will not be available until the registry releases again.

The advantage of using expire domain
The expired domain is very interesting because of SEO factors, especially those associated with active backlinks. If you are interested in buying an expired domain, you can determine its quality by looking at inbound links. When you consider the value of keywords contained in second-level domains, those references are useful for websites that will be used to market products, brands or services.

Backlinks that have expired domains are all links that enter and accumulate since the domain is still actively used. In domains that have expired, the content inside them will rarely be seen when the domain is re-registered. But the link will remain as long as the new owner doesn't delete the link. Backlinks from expired domains are double-edged swords. Some expired domains are well cared for by previous owners and have high-quality links from reputable websites, some actually contain questionable backlinks. The worst possible thing is that the domain is only used as a link farm to strengthen large projects and has violated several search engines.

Keyword in domain name
Domain names that consist of keywords or keywords have long been considered as strong pointers when talking about search engine rankings. And it is still popular in the domain market because keywords in domain names are considered more relevant and serious by visitors. Attractive URLs that use keywords have a strong search volume because they are always detected by potential visitors. It would be better if you buy an expired domain, when the domain name matches the content, products or services you offer. You also need to know that many domains are in conflict with registered trademarks. So, before buying the expired domain, you are strongly advised to search the database in the Word Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
Keyword in domain name
Things to consider before buying an expired domain
There are many reasons why many people prefer to buy an expired domain. For example, domains that Google sees as a trusted site. If there are lots of quality backlinks leading to that domain, it will be very easy for you to create a new site and get traffic from the first day. Or you can also create a site that is connected to the expired domain. In this way you can still get authority from expired domains. You can direct the expired domain to the website you just created. All quality backlinks that point to expired domains will also point to your new site easily. However, as you know that not all expired domains have a good history. Therefore, here are some things you need to find out before buying expired domains:

Is the domain expired having spam
This is the first thing you need to find out before buying an expired domain, use it for branding and using SEO. If the domain expired is used for spam purposes by the previous owner, then you will most likely be affected. You can check the content at the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine has recorded snapshots of pages from the previous domain. You will know whether the content included is spam or not by seeing the results displayed on the Wayback Machine. Expired domains may contain spam if there are keyword stuffing, duplicated content or even pornographic content.

Do expired domains have spam links
Another factor that determines whether expired domains are used to spam or not is to check the history of backlinks. You can use Majestic SEO. There you can use two search options, namely the Fresh Index or Historical Index. You only need to enter the URL from the expired domain, then search with the Historical Index. You will get all the old backlinks that lead to expiring the domain. Or you can also check backlinks using Ahrefs. Ahrefs has the largest backlink database in the entire web. It is very important to explore backlink profiles in depth and analyze whether the SEO benefits you get are balanced with the price you pay.
Do expired domains have spam links
Check the Google AdSense Prohibition
Google prohibits AdSense on domains that do not comply with their terms and conditions. And it could be, it is one of the expired domains that you want. You only need to check the domain in the AdSense Sandbox. AdSense Sandbox will display ads for the website. If the ad does not appear when you enter the expired domain address, then the URL is prohibited by AdSense.

Check Facebook restrictions
You also need to check whether the expired domain has been banned from Facebook for spamming. You can check it by trying to send a link to the Facebook timeline or send a message to a friend with that link.

Check Google Index
You also need to check if the domain you want is indexed on Google. If a number of pages expired from being indexed on Google, you can be sure that the domain name is not banned and indexed by Google. Not infrequently domain names that have large backlinks cannot be indexed on Google. If something happens, it could be that the domain has expired very long. For this, it's better to buy a new domain name than to buy an expired domain.