Living the world of blogs and websites is indeed full of twists and turns. Especially for beginners, the digital world is sometimes challenging, but also offers many solutions so you can be helped easily. Well, one of the obstacles or obstacles most website activists fear is when you are faced with 502 bad gateways. What is meant by 502 bad gateway? At a glance, it is a condition where web managers and web accessers are faced with a blank condition so the website cannot be operated anymore. Similarly, people who want to access the web or blog, will be constrained because the condition of the blog only has 502 bad gateways.

If you experience 502 bad gateways, don't panic and despair. This condition is annoying and certainly makes you sad. Especially if the web that you manage is very influential for the existence of your business. Certainly the condition of the bad gateway will be very detrimental. Do not panic immediately, because all problems must have a solution. If you are faced with the problem of 502 bad gateways, there are several steps you can take to overcome them. But before we step on the discussion of how to overcome 502 bad gateways, it's good to know first the cause. Like doctors prescribing, we are required to first detect the disease, right? Therefore, let's examine the causes of 502 bad gateways in the following description.

Cause of 502 Diverse Bad Gateway
One thing you should know, 502 bad gateways can be experienced by all websites, including websites owned by large and established companies such as Google and Twitter. There are many causes, so we must be skilled at finding it. If your website has an error, it doesn't always read "502 bad gateway".

It could also be an error notification displayed in other words, for example "HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway", "502 Temporarily Overloaded Service", "Error 502", "502 Bad Gateway NGINX" and a number of other writings, adjusting to the cause.

Most popular server setup detection
The next step, detect the most popular setup server. For example, if you use a WordPress site, it will involve a database server, application server and Reversed proxy server. These three (reversed proxy servers) are also known as gateways. He plays a role in running software, including Nginx software (read Engine-X), Apache, and Varnish.

When you access the website through a browser, there is automatically a request to prepare the data needed so that the page appears in full with its features. The request was sent to all servers. Well, when the server receives an invalid response from the upstream server, that's the reason for the 502 bad gateway.

The 502 bad gateway message briefly represented the voice of the reverse proxy server who wanted to reveal that he had tried but still failed to receive the requested content. This disclosure in the form of 502 bad gateways is also a defense, because it has been blamed by the upstream server.

In short, the cause of 502 bad gateways is that there has been a communication miss between servers. This communication error is of course out of your control. Another cause of 502 bad gateways is that there is damage to one or all upstream servers, the server is overloaded, there are bugs in the PHP script, the browser cache has problems, and network problems. Other causes are caused by problems in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) or there are problems related to the domain name system.

How to Fix a 502 Bad Gateway on a Website
After knowing the cause, let's move on to the next process, namely overcoming 502 bad gateways. Of course this will restore your web conditions as usual. Let's follow the steps below with a calm heart and cool head. Hopefully with the methods that will be delivered, the problem of 502 bad gateways will be resolved immediately.

1.Reload the Web
You need to know, error 502 bad gateway is not permanent, but temporary. It also does not damage the system as a whole. Reloading the web will return your web situation back to normal, because it could be the cause of 502 bad gateways because the origin server has been overloaded, so it must be refreshed.

While waiting for your website to return to normal, you can do the following steps. Copy and paste your site URL into the tool. There you can check whether the error 502 bad gateway only occurs for you as a manager, or an error also disturbs people visiting your site. If the error message only occurs for the manager, while web visitors wherever they are do not feel it, then try accessing your website through another browser.

2.Removing the Browser Cache
If the first method doesn't work, deleting the browser cache can be an effective next step. Cache is a file stored on the server because you open the web for the umpteenth time. So the cache automatically makes it easy for you to receive a complete web display without the need to make the server work repeatedly.

Although useful, the cache can also make your web become overloaded or overloaded. Therefore, cache removal will help the web lighten the file, and the problem of 502 bad gateways is likely to be quickly resolved.

3.Restarting the Internet Network
If the first and second steps have not succeeded in overcoming the causes of 502 bad gateways, do not immediately give up hope. You can do the next step which is to reset your internet network. Because it could be, the error that made 502 bad gateways was caused by an error in the network device.

For example, you use a router as an internet network device. Out of control, your gateway router has a problem or error. If the cause of the 502 bad gateway is because of this, then the way to restart it is quite simple. You can simply disconnect the internet network power cable, then wait for about one minute. While waiting, you can also restart your computer. After that, re-install or plug in your router cable, and try to access your web again.

4.Turn off the CDN for a while
CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a service that functions to improve site performance. One of the best CDN products is CloudFlare. However, the free version of CDN is sometimes the cause of 502 bad gateways. Well, if you experience 502 bad gateways, it's likely that the culprit is the CDN. So if steps one to three have not been successful, try turning off the CDN for a while. After that, try checking your website again whether the error has stopped or still continues.

5.Waiting for the Process of Transitioning Web Providers
IP Address errors are also the cause of 502 bad gateways. If your domain does not display a valid IP address, an error message encountered with 502 bad gateways will appear. This might also happen because you just moved from the old hosting to the new hosting provider. While the move takes from 12 to 36 hours, when you want to access the web in that time range, you will receive a message about 502 bad gateways. The only way if this happens, be patient, wait until the provider transfer process is complete, and don't stop domain propagation until the process is successful.

In essence, overcoming 502 bad gateways is not too difficult and should not be considered a scary thing. For beginners in the field of web management.