How to get rid of eye bags naturally
The appearance of eye bags and dark circles (pandas) around the eye area is something that is very disturbing to one's confidence. This condition makes many people find out how to get rid of eye bags.

Please note, the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, fine wrinkles under the eyes, or eyes that are down, is a sign that the skin is undergoing an aging process. Because of that, it's no wonder if someone can look older than their actual age because of the problem around the eyes.

"I was very disturbed every time people asked me why I looked so tired, even though I had slept enough. Therefore I chose plastic surgery to correct the skin around the eyes, "said Darrick E.Antell, MD, recounting his experience when he was 32 years old.

You don't need to do an operation like Antell to beautify your eyes. According to the chief dermatologist and cosmetic surgery from Sinai Medical Center, New York, Ellen Marmur, MD, the skin problems around the eyes actually start with small stains that are not treated.

"The eye bags under the original petals are not very visible, but if they are not immediately dealt with for a long time, they will become more visible," said Marmur. Therefore, at the age of 20 you should start diligently applying eye cream around the eyes to maintain skin elasticity.

Eye bags, according to Marmur, are part of the aging process. "There is naturally fat in the lower part of the eye that is bound by ligaments. "The longer the ligament will be weakened so that fat is pushed and piled up under the eyes, so it looks like a bag," he explained.

Besides the aging factor, problems around the eyes can also be caused due to heredity and lifestyle. "Often staying up late, too much salty food, lack of drinking, and rarely exercising will make the skin lose elasticity, including around the eyes," said Marmur.
Natural Recipes
In addition to modern cosmetics, there are actually many ways to remove eye bags naturally, the most popular of which is compressing the eye area with frozen tea bags, cucumber slices, or ice cube compresses. "In the meantime, these ingredients can indeed overcome swelling under the eyes," Marmur said.

Meanwhile, dermatologist Audry Kunin, in his book The DERMAdoctor Skinstruction Manual said, green tea can be a solution to get rid of eye bags. The content of anti-inflammatory compounds, called EGCG, which is found in green tea can reduce the fluid that causes the eyes to look puffy.

In addition to the above methods, there are ways to remove other eye bags that you can try, including:
  1. How to get rid of eye bags that are commonly used is by compressing. Compress your eyes with a cloth dampened in cold water. Compress your eyes for a few minutes with a little gentle pressure on your eyes.
  2. Sleeping position with your head slightly raised will help overcome eye bags problems. Sleep with an extra pillow to support your head. This method of removing eye bags helps prevent fluid from accumulating around your eyes while you sleep.
  3. Adequate fluid intake can prevent you from dehydration and help prevent eye bags from forming. To avoid fluid retention, you can reduce your intake of processed foods that tend to be salty or that contain lots of salt. Make sure you drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day, so that your skin stays healthy and moist.
  4. How to get rid of eye bags that are not widely known to people is with potassium. Potassium intake can help reduce excess fluid in the body which can trigger eye bags. The food sources that contain potassium include nuts, bananas, yogurt, and green vegetables.
  5. Avoid drinks containing alcohol and caffeine. Both of these ingredients can cause mild dehydration, interfere with sleep hours, and cause the appearance of eye bags and dark circles in the eyes more clearly.
  6. Fulfill your hours of sleep with enough time around 7 to 8 hours a day. This is one way to get rid of eye bags quickly.
  7. Potatoes can be used as a way to get rid of eye bags naturally. One of the benefits of potato masks in the world of beauty is that it can be used to brighten and tighten the skin. The use of potato masks on the face will not only eliminate panda eyes, but also fine wrinkles on the face. How to: peel 1 potato then puree. The peeled potatoes should not need to be washed again because they will reduce the nutrients. Use a cloth to wrap a potato mask, attach the cloth to the area around the eyes. Let stand for 20 minutes, do this before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning.
  8. Bengkoang mask. You can use a bengkoang mask not only to brighten your face, but also to overcome pandas. The trick: puree the peeled bengkoang fruit, wrap the bengkoang mask with a cloth, attach this cloth to the eye area. The cold sensation from Bengkoang will refresh the area around your eyes, so the eyes will feel fresher.
  9. Cucumber mask. This one method must have been practiced a lot and proven its efficacy. The trick: cut the cucumber which is still in a circle, try not too thick and not too thin. Paste the cucumber slices on the eyes, then let stand for 30 minutes, then lift.
  10. It's not just cucumbers that can be used to remove dark circles. The other way to remove eye bags is with tomatoes. The trick: cut tomatoes and paste them in the eye area. Let the tomato slices stand for 30 minutes so that the cold sensation of the tomatoes can refresh the eyes, eliminate eye bags and dark circles.
Well, that's how we can try to overcome or prevent pandas, Healthy Friends! May be useful.