How To Improve SEO On A Website - SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process that can increase the volume and quality of visits on a website through search engines that are used such as Google, Yahoo, and so on in a natural or unpaid way.How To Improve SEO On A Website

Basically, the key to SEO is to do two techniques namely Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. by doing these two techniques optimally, you will be able to improve SEO on the website easily.
How to Improve SEO on a Website
How to Improve SEO with On-Page Techniques
On-Page SEO is a way to improve SEO done from within the page itself. So, the way to improve various aspects of the page. Elements of On-Page SEO are:

Heading Tags
Heading Tags consist of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. Each heading (H1 - H6) has a specific function. You must be able to set up headings in your writing so that visitors can understand which main focus is the content.

Title Tags
A good title (in terms of SEO) certainly must be in the range of 10-70 characters, and if more or less than that it will be considered as Stuffing Keyword or simply Google thinks you are 'greedy' in shooting keywords. So try to write a proper Title Tag.

Meta Tags
Meta Tags are often controversial. There are those who think that this does not affect SEO and some think otherwise. Beyond that, according to us, meta tags are very influential because they contain descriptions to attract visitors to click on your website.

Alt Image Tags
Filling alt on an image is arguably legal if you look at it from an SEO perspective. This is not without reason, considering that alt tags will help the Search Engine index the image. Alt Image Tags are also believed to be a condition so that the image can be indexed and searched on Google with certain keywords.

How to Improve SEO with Off-Page Techniques
Off Page SEO is a technique that you should not miss aliases is very important. With Off-Page SEO, you can improve SEO from outside the page and can reach more visitors. Elements from Off-Page SEO include:

Link Building
Link Building is also often referred to as Backlink, but with a broader context, if Backlink only focuses on finding links that point to our blog, Link Building should be more concerned with quality than quantity.

Social media
Social Media (Social Networking) is also often referred to as Social Signal, meaning that the more popular the site is on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, the greater the chance to rank 1 on Google.

Directory Submission
Directory Submission in SEO is submitting your site to famous directories such as and It's easy, just visit the two sites, then you can submit and fill in the required data such as Blog Address, Blog Title, Blog RSS Feed and others. Improving SEO on a website is very important. Apart from being able to do it by Off-Page and On-Page, improving SEO can also be done by choosing the right hosting. With the right hosting, you will be able to maintain website uptime better.