How to improve wordpress performance - If you have a website, it's certainly very familiar with things like website content and website speed. Because, the better the content you make, the more visitors will come.

However, this one thing should not be underestimated, namely the speed of your website greatly affects the number of visitors who come to your website, because if your website takes more than 10 seconds to be accessible, guaranteed website visitors will immediately leave your website.
How to improve WordPress performance
Therefore, how to improve wordpress performance is very important if you want to increase the number of visitors on your website.

What do you need to do? The answer is to improve the performance of the Website
Many beginner website owners think that their website is fine because if it is opened on its own computer the process is not slow. Apparently there are still many who do not know if you often visit your own website, then browser applications such as Chrome and mozzila firefox store the cache of your website, so that your website can be quickly accessed if opened in your own browser.

But the story is different if new visitors visit your website for the first time, maybe they feel your website is old when it's opened.

And there is research if users who are in different locations can have very different experiences. Therefore, you must check the speed of your website in tools like Pingdom.

After doing a website speed test on pingdom tools, of course you will know how fast your website actually is, then how much is a good website speed? The average website loading speed is good, which is under 2 seconds.

Then how do you make the website accessible under 2 seconds?

So that your website can be accessed under 2 seconds, the main thing you need to pay attention to is the selection of a web hosting provider.

How to improve wordpress performance
Cache Plugin
If your website does not have a plugin cache, it can cause an overload on the sever which impacts the website to be slow. The cache system itself is very useful to increase the speed of your website.

Using CDN (Content Delivery Networks)
Content Delivery Networks, also called CDNs, also greatly affect the speed of your website. Because, the CDN system can detect the location of visitors and send content to the location of the closest server.

Optimize Database
One reason your WordPress web becomes slow when accessed is a large database or an example is a post revision or draft buildup.

Not only that, the frequent installation and removal of plugins that can repeatedly cause a buildup of garbage in the table. This will have an impact on the phpMyAdmin database that is unstable so it consumes resources.

Combine social media, JavaScript, CSS icons together
As we all know that in a wordpress, every social media has its own icon. And unfortunately, this icon consumes bandwidth. Combining JavaScript, CSS and images together will reduce website loading.

Image optimization
Pictures or photos are useful media to beautify your wordpress articles. But the problem is if in one article has too many images uploaded, then loading from the wordpress page will increasingly feel slow.

Images turn out to be very bandwidth-consuming when accessed, so it is recommended that you optimize the image file first before uploading it to the website. By optimizing the image before uploading it, then loading your website will be faster than you did not optimize the image at all.

How to improve wordpress performance to be more maximal is to use images that have been optimized before uploading. For recommendations, you should use the appropriate dimensions and sizes below 100 Kb.

For the WordPress plugin you can use the plugin to compress images like smush image so that the image size can be reduced.

Those are some alternatives and ways to improve wordpress performance by optimizing your website. If you practice this method, guaranteed you will be able to feel the difference in wordpress speed after doing this optimization.