For a blogger getting high visitor traffic is success alone. Especially for those who want to make money, if more and more blog visitors continue to increase every day more can be produced.

To increase visitor traffic you cannot have to impose, everything will proceed as your blog grows. Many bloggers are frustrated because their blogs are empty of visitors, even though you have published articles every day, your visitors' traffic doesn't necessarily increase and some of them tend to decrease.
How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic Quickly
There may be several factors that influence this, one of which is the increasing competition in the blog as the internet develops.

How to Increase Blog Visitor Traffic
The following are things that must be done in increasing the traffic of visitors to your blog or website:

1. Make a Short and Interesting Post Title
Use an interesting and concise title in each of your articles. The title or Headlines is the first thing that is seen by readers to visit your blog, the more interesting the title is, the more curious someone is to read your content, make sure the title and content are appropriate and clear so that the readers feel at home on your blog.

2. Select the Keyword with the Highest Search Volume
Before you create new content, first determine the topic after getting the topic to input your topic into Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest. Select and specify the word combination with the largest search volume, use the keywords that you have specified in the title section, and the body of the article make sure the keywords used are relevant and related to the topic of each post or article.

3. Making Quality Content
Make quality content, meaning good content and informative content, avoid copy-pasting other people's articles. You can insert pictures, videos, etc. to make the content interesting, but remember all that must be related and in accordance with the content of the content, avoid discussion that is not related to the core of the article.

4. Blog Walking
Blog walking or commonly known by commenting on other people's blogs is the easiest way to increase visitors' blog traffic. The target is the readers of the blog to visit your blog, besides that you will also get an additional number of backlinks to your blog either dofollow or nofollow that strengthen the SERP position (Search Engine Result Page) in search engines.

5. Active in Forums and Communities
Join forums and communities related to your blog and be active in answering questions and creating a thread. You can share the article and find the right niche and reader for your blog or website content.

6. Promote Your Blog
The latter promote your blog, use your social media to inform the posts of articles that have been made. The more posts that are seen, the more friends who visit your blog.