How to Install Anti-Copy Paste on Blogs - Almost every blogger writes an article is an obligation to regularly update articles on a blog, in fact there are still many naughty bloggers who are lazy to write not a few bad bloggers who copy and paste other people's articles. for now the problem of copy pasting articles is very common because of the laziness of people to write post articles.

Anti Copas Code for Blogs: How to Turn Off Right-Click Functions

Even though it is common but in the eyes of other bloggers, copy paste is very unfortunate with this fast-food method, you must know that this method is considered a copyright violation. how not if someone painstakingly makes an article then another blog only copies without permission or puts the source, it can be considered as copyright infringement.
How to Install Anti-Copy Paste on Blogs
IF you want to protect blog content (posts, posts) so that you can't copy and paste or steal the user, then use the anti copas code by turning off the right mouse click function (disable right click), also turning off the Ctrl + C function , disable select text, can even disable Ctrl + P.

Here are some codes that can be installed in a blog template to protect blogspot writing (blog content) from Copas artisans and plagiarists.

There are 4 codes, ranging from "less safe", "safe", "safer" to "very safe" levels.

However, just a moment ... there's a note. Users who are "IT literate" and / or understand Javasript can still "tweak" if they want to copy (copy) your blog posts.

After all, according to many people, turn off the right-click function and Ctrl + C (Copy), "it's not age". Now the times are alms. Let people copy our posts, can you get the reward! Amen ...!

Still according to many people (bloggers / SEO blog experts), turning off the right-click function or installing an anti-copas code, will make the user "angry" and no longer want to open our blog.

That is, there is a potential for a decrease in visitors. The disadvantages of turning off the right click function on the full blog can be read on the Site Point page.

But, if you "want to" want to protect blog content from "theft" in the form of Copas, especially without mentioning the source (your blog link), then here are the codes to turn off the right click function, anti-copas, anti Ctrl + C (Copy ), anti Ctrl + P (Print), anti Ctrl + U (View Source Code).

In essence, your blog can only be read! Indeed it is (for reading) we write articles on blogs, not to be copied

Anti Copas Code to Turn Off the Right-Click Mouse Function

The following code turns off the right click function, as well as raises a message from you as a blogger.

1. Click "Lay Out"
2. Click "Add Gadget" (widget position is free, anywhere)
3. Select "Javascript / HTML"
4. Copy + Paste the following code in the box provided:
<script> var message = "Hayo ...! Want to copy it? Can you, but include the source!";
function clickIE4 () {if (event.button == 2) {alert (message); return false;}} function clickNS4 (e) {if (document.layers || document.getElementById &&! document.all) {if (e .which == 2 || e.which == 3) {alert (message); return false;}}} if (document.layers) {document.captureEvents (Event.MOUSEDOWN); document.onmousedown = clickNS4;} else if (document.all &&! document.getElementById) {document.onmousedown = clickIE4;} document.oncontextmenu = new Function ("alert (message); return false") </ script>
5. Save!

Note the red writing that you can replace.
The code above still allows "Select Text" and Ctrl + C. That is, your blog content can still be copied.
At the very least, even though it can still be copied, using the code above, we can give a warning so that the "tukang copas" mentioned the source.

The following code "maqom" is higher than the code above.

That is, the anti-copas code number two completely turns off right-click, can't "select text", and turns off the Ctrl + C keyboard function. However, the content of our blog can still be copied by means of Ctrl + P (Print). There "the copaser" can still "Select Text" and "Copy" the writing on our blog.

Here is the code (How to install it the same as the Anti Copas Code No. 1).
<script language = 'JavaScript1.2'>
function disableselect (e) {
return false
reEnable () {
return true
document.onselectstart = new Function ("return false")
if (window.sidebar) {
document.onmousedown = disableselect
document.onclick = reEnable
</ script>
The following code functions to hide text or content when our blog is Ctrl + P by the user. Just playing it doesn't have anything, so of course it can't be selected text and copied.

1. Click "Template"
2. Click "Edit HTML"
3. Look for the code </ body> (There is at the bottom of the tempate blog)
4. Copy + Paste the following code above the code </ body>
<style type = "text / css" media = "print">
    * {display: none; }
</ style>
Well ... if this code is "Total Protection" for your blog content. All functions to copy and paste writing are turned off, either right-click or Ctrl + C, Ctrl + U, and CTRL + P.

1. Click "Template"
2. Click "Edit HTML"
3. Look for the code <body>
4. Change the code <body> with the code below:

<body oncontextmenu = 'return false;' onkeydown = 'return false;' onmousedown = 'return false;'>

Other Anti-Copas Codes:
REPLACE the code:
<body> or <body expr: class = 'data: blog.pageType'>
<body expr: class = 'data: blog.pageType' oncontextmenu = 'return false;' ondragstart = 'return false' onkeydown = 'return false;' onmousedown = 'return false;' onselectstart = 'return false' style = '- moz-user-select: none; cursor: default; '>
ANTI COPAS CODE # 5 For Specific Posts / Pages
If you only want to anti-copy and disable this right click is applied to certain posts or on certain static pages, then how to:

1. Complete your writing.
2. Click "HTML" mode
3. Copas the following code above and place it below the post / bottom.
<body oncontextmenu = 'return false;' onkeydown = 'return false;' onmousedown = 'return false;' />
4. Publish!

Thus various methods and codes for the Anti Copas Code for Blogs: How to Turn Off the Right Click Function.

The risk, visitors can be reduced because they are lazy to return again, also the Search Box function will die.

The Best ANTI COPAS CODE # 6! Recommended
This is the best Anti Copas Code because it is safe. This code turns off the function of right-clicking the mouse, but does not turn off the function of the search box and certain sentences or codes that are blocked quote can be copied like this blog page.

Save this code above the code </ head>
<b: if cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; item & quot;'>
<style type = 'text / css'>
.post-body {-webkit-user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none; padding: 0 0 10px 0; margin: 0 0 10px 0; line-height: 21px;}
.post-body img {-webkit-touch-callout: none; -webkit-user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none user-select: none; pointers: none; background: #fdfdfd; height: auto; max-width: 100%; border: 0; margin-bottom: 2.0px; box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px rgba ( 0,0,0,0.03); opacity: 1; transition: all .6s ease;}
.post_body p, .post blockquote, .post pre, .post code {-webkit-touch-callout: text; -khtml-user-select: text; -webkit-user-select: text; -moz-user-select: text; -ms-user-select: text;}
</ style>
</ b: if>

Thus the Anti Copas Code for Blogs: How to Turn Off the Right-Click Function.

Even though it can still be copied as well - by turning off Javascript in the browser, at least the anti-copas code for this blog post makes it difficult and minimizes "theft: the content of your blog.

To overcome this problem, we can actually report it to the DMCA, but if we copy more than one, we might be difficult to report. Well, the way that other bloggers might have applied is by Installing the anti Copy Code paste on the blog. where the article thief will not be able to copy this anti-Copas protected article. the following is how to install anti-copy paste on the blog:

How to Install the Anti-Copy Script Paste on the Blog
Well here I do not make the Anti Copy Paste Code itself but take from the post for the script, and I am just sharing it here. Next is the Anti Copy Paste code.
1. First, please login to your Blogger account.
2. Then select Template Menu and select Edit HTML.
3. Next, please search for Code </ head>, use Ctrl + F to speed up the search.
4. If you have, please Copy the Script Code code below and Paste it under code </ head>
<script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined") {
document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false");
document.onmousedown=new Function ("return false");
document.onmouseup=new Function ("return true");
</script >
5. Save the template.

That way your article will be safe from the article thieves, so this article about how to install an anti-copy paste script on the blog, hopefully useful