How to Install AdSense Automatic Ads on Blogger - Automatic ads (Auto ads) is a new feature of Google AdSense to display various types of ads such as text & display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, Matched content, Anchor ads, and Vignette ads automatically.

There are six types of auto ads ads that I have mentioned above and maybe it will still increase in the future, you can activate or deactivate all types of advertisements with just one button click without bothering to delete the ad code, because of automatic ads or auto ads this only uses one code and the ad will automatically appear to adjust the structure of your blog template.
How To Install Automatic AdSense Ads on Blogger
This automatic ad is very helpful for those of you who are still laymen or beginners with AdSense, using automatic ads on blogger will be easier compared to AdSense ad units that must be placed one by one on your blog.

So that with the new auto ads feature or automatic AdSense ads it is very helpful in placing ad positions on your blog.

Maybe you will experience some problems such as the ads appear not as desired, for example the type of matched content ads that should appear under the article, this actually appears at the bottom of the blog of course this will be a consideration for us before using this automatic ad.

But I remind you again that this happens because the structure of your blog template is less supportive for displaying these ads.

What I like about this adsense automatic ad is Anchor ads and Vignette ads, both types of ads include overlay ads or overlay ads that cover your smartphone screen but are easily closed or closed by users, so they don't bother when reading articles on your blog.

Types of Automatic AdSense Ad Formats
Before installing automatic adsense ads on blogger, you should first know the types of ad formats that are on the new auto ads feature.

Text & display ads
Display ads are graphic or image ads that will appear in various shapes and sizes, for example leaderboard (728x90), banner (468x60), and skyscraper (120x600).

While text ads are text ads usually include a title which is also a link that can be clicked on a web page, which consists of one or two lines of text and a site address.

Text & display ads will only appear in your ad unit at the optimal time, when AdSense considers it performing well.

This ad format supports desktop and mobile displays.

In-feed ads
In-feed ads are advertisements designed to match your blog feed, usually placed on a list of articles or news and also on a list of products and services found on your site.

In-feed ads are adverts that are customized to resemble the look and feel of your content.

When visitors scroll or view a list of articles and products on your website page and find advertisements in the feed, they will still know that it is an ad, so that the ad will not interfere with visitors and this ad will look good on your blog or site page.

Currently the in-feed ad format is only available for mobile phones.

In-article ads
In-article ads are ads that are designed according to the interests of your blog or site reader, this type of ad will appear between paragraphs of your blog or site article.

The format uses high-quality advertiser assets, which means the ad will look great next to your content.

The format has also been optimized by Google so that it performs well on the pages of your blog or site article, while providing a better reading experience for visitors to your website.

This ad format supports desktop and mobile displays.

Matched content
Matched content is a type of default ad that combines ads with recommendations for articles or content on your site.

By offering more content to visitors, this can potentially increase the time readers are on your site or blog, increase the number of page views, and ultimately increase your income.

If you qualify, AdSense will recommend content from your site that is most relevant to your blog readers. In addition, advertisements can be displayed among the recommendations of this article.

This ad will only appear if your blog or site has a high number of views.

Currently the matched content ad format is only available for mobile phones.

Anchor ads
Anchor ads are cellular ads that are attached to the edge of a user's smartphone or cellphone screen and can be easily closed.

This type of ad will only be displayed by AdSense at the optimal time to help increase your income, and at the same time provide a good user experience for your blog visitors.

This ad only works on pages optimized for high-end mobile devices.

The anchor ad format is only available for mobile phones.

Vignette ads
Vignette ads is a full screen mobile ad that appears between the pages of your site, meaning that when the reader leaves or reads other content on your site this ad will appear when loading moves to another page.

This ad is attached to the edge of the screen and can be passed or closed by visitors at any time.

This vinyet ad is displayed when someone leaves a page, not when a new reader opens your page, so your visitors don't have to wait for the ad to load or display. The vignette ad format is only available for mobile phones.

Tips Before Switching to Automatic Ads (Auto Ads)
Automatic advertising (auto ads) is the most powerful new way to advertise on all of your site's web pages, just by adding a piece of code once in the <head> to </ head> section of your blog or site template, ads will appear throughout your web page. Here are some tips before switching to automatic advertising:
  1. Make sure you have backed up ad code units (old ad code).
  2. Backup your blog template before switching to using automatic ads.
  3. Try installing this automatic ad for one week or the time you specify.
  4. Compare revenue results when using ad units and automatic ads (auto ads).
  5. Make sure the automatic ads appear in the right places in your part of the template (inconsequential or messy).
That's an article about how to install automatic adsense ads on blogger, install this type of auto ads if you are still new and have no experience in using AdSense, because auto ads or automatic ads will help you put different types of ads on your blog automatically just with use only one code.