Do you want to know how to live streaming on YouTube using OBS? Here, see the following Jaka article! Guaranteed you can easily stream game easily.Do you want to be a live streamer game on YouTube like PewDiePie or other popular streamers? But still confused how do I get live streaming games on YouTube?
How to Live Streaming Games on YouTube Using OBS
Relax, because saya has a way, namely live streaming using software called Open Broadcaster Software or OBS.

Using the software is very easy, really, and of course it's free! Following this, Jaka shows how to live streaming games on YouTube using OBS.

How to Live Streaming Games on YouTube Using OBS
OBS Studio is a video recording and Open Source live streaming software that you can download for free. This software has complete features for all the needs of live streaming, gangs.

Besides OBS Studio there are other software that you can use for live streaming, such as XSplit Gamecaster. However, the features that you can use on XSplit are very limited if you use the free version.

So, saya recommends using OBS or Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). Even though it's free, the features offered are very complete and you can modify your streaming layout.

How to use OBS and SLOBS is more or less the same, but for beginners Jaka recommends OBS more because the application is still simpler.

How to use OBS for Live Streaming on YouTube
Before we discuss how to use OBS for live streaming on YouTube, all you have to do first is have your own YouTube Channel.

After that, you open to activate your account for live streaming.
Your account will be activated for live streaming within 24 hours. Once activated, you can just go live easily.
OBS is a lightweight software, so if your PC / laptop specifications are lacking, you can still use this software.

After OBS is installed and your YouTube channel is ready for live streaming, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Click Live Streaming on your YouTube Channel
Visit YouTube in your PC browser and log in to your YouTube account. Then go to the Live Dashboard page, as shown below.
Copy or copy Stream Key. To display the Stream Key, you click Reveal. Then block the code and right-click on the mouse and copy.
Step 2 - Enter the Stream Key into OBS
Open OBS and click Settings in the lower right.
Click Stream and then enter Stream Key and click OK.
Don't forget to set the Service column to Youtube / Youtube Gaming
Step 3 - Entering the Game and Webcam to Be Displayed
Now you have to enter the game that will be displayed. Right-click on the mouse on the black screen. Click Add, then Game Capture.
You can also do the steps above by clicking the + symbol in the Sources column below OBS
You click Create New and click OK again.
In the Mode column, select Capture Specific Window.
In the Window column, select the game that you want to display in live streaming. If the game appears as below, you click OK.

If you use a Webcam, click Video Capture Device and select the Webcam tool that you use in the Device column

Step 4 - Get started with Live Streaming
You can adjust the appearance of the game by drawing a red line, adjust it to what you want.

Do not forget! Set or adjust your video stream resolution in the Video Settings menu in OBS. Adjust to the internet speed you have. Many YouTubers set the resolution at 1080p
Enter Live Streaming information on YouTube in the Basic Info column. You can fill in the game info what you are playing.

Step 5 - Start Live Streaming
Click Start Streaming on OBS to start live streaming. Happy streaming,

The final word
That's how he uses live streaming games on YouTube using OBS.
Very easy, right, how? You only have to follow the steps that Jaka gave above. Guaranteed! You will be able and successful live streaming on YouTube.good luck