For blogger users you might be curious, suddenly the reply button or reply comment button on the blog error cannot be clicked.

This happens in some blog users, especially the blogspot platform, the main cause of which is the template.

I have tried changing to the default blogger template. It turns out the reply button or reply button works properly and there are no problems at all.

Then I try to check again on some custom blog templates from several blog template makers that are already well-known in Indonesia.

It turns out that the reply button still has an error that cannot be clicked.

Actually this is not a serious problem for me, the most important thing is that readers can still comment on my blog that is enough for me.

However, I'm a little too if we reply to the comments of readers or visitors but not by clicking the reply button, so it's like giving a comment too.

The blog template is now using the comment type threaded comments which means multilevel comment columns.

So, someone commented on the blog then you reply to the comment then your reply comment will appear below it but a little smaller, like a ladder but upside down.

Either we go back to the main problem, namely overcoming the reply button, the error cannot be clicked on.
How to Overcome the Blog Reply Comment Button Doesn't Work

How to Overcome the Blog Reply Comment Button Doesn't Work
The reply or reply comment button on blogger doesn't work properly, this happens suddenly in my opinion.

A few days ago the reply button was still clickable and functioning properly, but today it can't be clicked.

Is it because of blogger updates? May be.

Here I find the solution, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to
2. Click Theme> Edit HTML
3. Look for this code in the template:
  • &lt;!--</body>--&gt;&lt;/body&gt;
Then change to:
  •  </body>
4. Then click Save theme

Until here, please check first, whether the reply button can be clicked and function properly. If it's still an error, please follow the next step.

Look for this code in the template:
  • &lt;!--</head>--&gt;&lt;/head&gt;
Then change to:
  •  </head>
Then find this code:
  • b:css='false'
Then change to:
  •  b:css='true'
Some of the code above that causes the reply button or reply comment button on your blog does not work.

By deleting and changing the code now you can solve the problem.

I thought that the reason was from javascript threaded comments, but it wasn't.

The code above is used to deactivate some functions on the blog, so that blog loading is faster. But for now it turns out that using the code above the reply button doesn't work.

That's an article about how to overcome the blog comment reply button that can't be clicked, good luck. May be useful.