Viruses are indeed one that overwhelms many people. How not, the virus always infects important data. Viruses always see the target carefully, namely by looking at which files are often opened. So don't be surprised why important files are always infected. Protecting files and folders with anti-virus is not effective considering the many sophisticated viruses nowadays. So we have to do a trick to keep files safe from attacking dangerous viruses.

Protecting files by using an antivirus is not effective. Then you need extra protection for your files. This extra protection is like a shield or shield that prevents viruses from infecting your data. However you also have to install an antivirus on your computer to protect other files that are less important.

For extra protection on the file we will use an application called winrar or winzip. Both apps are just the same different extensions. For protection it is the same and has the same efficacy. Usually this application has been installed on all computers because this application is a must-have application for every computer or laptop. To protect your files, please do the following steps.

How to protect files from dangerous viruses using winrar or winzip
  1. Please choose the file that you want to protect, if you want to put it together in large quantities then create a folder;
  2. Please click right on the folder or file that will be diwinzip or winrar;
  3. Select "add to archive" then a dialog box will appear to change the name;
  4. Please fill in the name according to your taste, if you want to save in rar form then at the end of the title type ".rar" or in the form of zip then ".zip";
  5. Then please click ok;
How to Protect Important Files and Folders from Viruses
Your file is protected and included in zip or rar. Start any type of virus now, it won't infect your data. To get it out, you can read our review about extracting files from WinRAR, WinZip and others.

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