Are you constrained because your website is slow? or many visitors who leave the website because your website is slow? Here I will give you how to speed up the process of websites with AMP.

To make your website open faster, there are two ways. The first way, Avoid using JavaScript that is too much, so the website does not require a long time to be opened. The second way is by AMP.
How to speed up the website process with AMP
For those of you who don't understand about AMP, follow the basics of AMP

AMP is the latest technology from Google that is used to make your website accessible very quickly.

Previously, in February 2016 yesterday, Google officially made a website technology so that it has AMP features, the impact of this AMP is that the results of the Google search page will increase.

The use of AMP is to speed up the website process when visitors open your website. Because the increase in speed is due to several factors in how to open a website's page.

The format of this AMP article has been used by more than 200 publishers, including, and has been used on several popular platforms. This AMP feature is not the same as Google, LinkedIn, Medium, Nuzzel, Pinterest and Twitter.

Most websites have a lot of content elements so making accessing pages takes a while to be able to open your website.

Sometimes, even though all the optimizations have been done by the website owner to speed up loading the website, the website still feels slow.

Benefits of AMP to Speed ​​up Website Loading Process
1. The main function of AMP is faster website loading for users of mobile devices or cellphones. Studies have explained that web visitors will usually leave the website page if it doesn't open within the first 5 seconds. Therefore, using AMP for your website will be very helpful to avoid visitors who leave.

2. AMP will support increasing your website ranking in search engines. Google's algorithm changes in August 2018 make websites that are quickly accessed become an important point to support rankings in Google searches. Therefore AMP will greatly increase the processing time of your website, so it is very possible for your website that uses AMP to be ranked higher than the website that is slow when opened.

3. In the Google search results your website will clearly display the AMP symbol. This symbol can increase the search ranking and click on the website page. Because, visitors will prefer websites marked with AMP because of course loading websites is faster when compared to websites that do not have without AMP.

4. By installing AMP on a website, Google will collect content from its own server and keep users on the Google search page. Websites that follow this AMP specification will receive special 'treatment' from Google.

Not only that, your Google website Search Engine Result Pages also starts displaying AMP content with a display that includes large images. This feature will greatly attract the attention of users and every web content will get a boost of traffic in related searches.

Here is how to speed up the website process with AMP
  • Install the AMP Plugin on your Website, for those of you who use wordpress, you can choose lots of plugins, our suggestion is to use AMP for WP.
  • After your plugin is active, then you can see how your site looks on mobile devices, to activate the AMP plugin you can enter the Appearance menu »AMP

Make sure AMP works on your website
After you have finished installing the plugin AMP for Wp is successful and you have set the design style, then you have to make sure that AMP is working. You do this by adding / amp at the end of your page.

If your website can be accessed with the suffix / amp on a minimalist display, then the AMP installation has been successfully applied. after that you don't need to do anything else. A lightning sign on the Google search results page for your website will appear automatically after the AMP plugin installation is successful.

Congratulations! Now your website AMP will appear on Google search results on mobile devices.

Hopefully this tutorial on How to Accelerate Website Processes with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can make your website open faster.