How to Start an Online Shop Clothes Business - Are you confused about how to start a clothes shop online business? Of the various types of online businesses that many people do through internet media. There are only two types of businesses that will not die. The first is the online food business and the second is the online clothing business. Clothing is one of the basic human needs. So that the demand for this product will never end.

And that is also what makes the online clothing business work. Although there have been many competitors who might have started. Well, here are the steps that can be tried to start an online clothing shop business.
How to Start an Online Shop Clothes Business
3 Steps How to Start an Online Clothes Shop Business

# 1 Product and Market Research
There are lots of great fashion brands that have existed, which started from dreams. One example is the H & M brand that has become global. This Swedish fashion product was founded by Erling Persson while in the middle of a trip in the United States after the second world war.

There, he saw a lot of garment factories that produce lots of clothes efficiently. Then he thought of a clothing design that could be reached by women in his country. This desire made Erling set up his first store in 1947 in Sweden.

But a dream without the support of basic research will only be a dream. Especially in the digital era like now, where information exchange runs VERY FAST. It could be, competitors have thought a step ahead of what is being done. So, we need to make a research before starting an online business. Especially product research and market research.

An example of simple research that can be done for products and markets is to collect answers to these questions:
  1. What will we sell?
  2. How will we get it?
  3. If you buy from a producer, what is the unit price and wholesale?
  4. If you make it yourself, what is the cost of producing the unit?
  5. How much profit do we want to get?
  6. Who do we sell these clothes for?
  7. How do we sell these clothes?
  8. What media do we sell through?
  9. What is the payment and delivery of products to the customer?
  10. Who are our competitors and which products are our inspiration?
The list of questions above can actually be developed on how our competitors and inspectors sell and through what media. Or if possible it can also be up to how much profit they get.

# 2 Creating a Website and Social Media
Next, how to start a clothes shop online business that must be done is to create a website and social media. A website is an important thing that should be owned by people who want to do business online. With a website, a marketer can place many features that support the sale and purchase of their products online.
Creating a Website and Social Media
To start making an online shop website you can use wordpress with additional woocommerce or other cms. After determining the cms to be used, the next is to design a web display so that it is easily accessible to prospective buyers. The best web design is one that has a mobile display or can be accessed by mobile.

In addition to websites, how to start a clothing shop online business can also be done with social media capital. As we know, social media such as Instagram and Facebook are a gathering place for people in the online world. This is not to be missed, especially because of Facebook and Instagram. That supports online buying and selling because it presents an image gallery feature or can display images.

# 3 Start Selling First Clothes
After having a website or social media that will be used to sell clothes. Then you can start marketing the product through these channels. To maximize it, you can use hastag or start collecting followers to become the target of marketing. Now, how to start a clothes shop online business will then be described in the next sub-chapter.

Dare to Advertise Products
It is impossible for customers to come by themselves, or they will immediately buy the products we market. Therefore we need a way to get the traffic that enters our website. Or become social media followers that we have created.

For how to get traffic this can be done in two ways. A website can use SEO techniques that can be studied further on the page below.

Whereas for social media, you can follow or tag people randomly to attract their attention. Or you can by joining groups on Facebook to promote your social media account. But it will feel a little tiring and eat a lot of time, so the shortcut can be by using the paid advertising feature.

Ads can be installed on Google, Facebook or Instagram. In the past, this advertising feature seemed difficult, expensive and rarely used by people. But now advertising has become a major need to market products to many people at one time. Advertising costs also become cheaper with a minimum of around ten thousand rupiah per day.

Collecting Buyer Database
A database of buyers or prospective buyers is a very valuable input when we sell products. After having a website, social media and advertising it then is to collect the database that has been entered. This database can be interpreted as people who have contacted call centers, whatsapp, or social media followers.

Re-marketing the database is one way to start a clothes shop online business that can be done. The easiest way to collect databases is to make each ad interesting. And it inspires people to follow social media that has been made.

Or, add a pop-up or button on the website page that is directed to whatsapp number. So that after visitors contact, their numbers can be stored for later products on the other day.

Scale-Up Time
Scale Up or increase the scale of the work done. An example is, doubling the money for advertising per day. By doubling the advertising money per day, of course the range to be obtained is also greater.

Without a scale up phase, how to start a clothes shop online business will just stop. When sellers prefer passively regardless of their business. In addition to adding advertisements, you can also add product photos, or the number of products produced.

However, scale up that is done must be carefully calculated first, about when your business is time to enter this phase.

Clothing business is a business that will never die, and is increasingly developing with the presence of the internet. Opportunities can still be very open by doing three ways to start a clothing shop online business above. With the above method, the opportunity to sell is still very open even though the seller does not have his own product. Or choose to sell as a reseller or dropshipper, the method will be discussed in the next article.