For some Android smartphone users you might experience the same thing as I can't watch Netflix because I use the Telkomsel internet provider.It is true that Telkomsel providers block Netflix from using both the Sim Card and Indihome internet.

For some reason, the reason why Netflix was blocked, might be considered as a competitor as a TV show, especially movies or there are other reasons that we certainly cannot know.But don't worry, you can still watch shows or movies on the Netflix app on your smartphone or android phone using this method without problems.
How To Watch Netflix Using Telkomsel Internet on Android
Although this Telkomsel provider has good quality internet and signals with stable speed and is good for streaming movies or playing games.

However, for those of you who like to watch foreign movies and cannot access Netflix, of course this is something you can consider using this Telkomsel provider.

There are several ways in which you can view or access the Netflix application on your cellphone or your Android smartphone without problems using the Telkomsel internet.

How to Watch Netflix Using Internet Telkomsel
Netflix is ​​one of the digital media service providers, based in Los Gatos, California.Founded in 1997 by Reed Hasting Sandy Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California.

The company's main business is the transmission of subscription services, which are offered online with a variety of film and television programs, including several programs made by Netflix.

Netfilix's initial business model is DVD sales and rentals. One year after its founding, the DVD sales business was abandoned.

Netflix is ​​always a favorite to watch some interesting films, from horror films to animated films for children.Unfortunately, Netflix cannot be accessed by Telkomsel internet users.

You can download the application, but you cannot access the Netflix server.When you open the Netflix application, the loading / loading sign will continue to rotate in the middle of the screen.

This of course will be very annoying, especially if you have subscribed to an unlimited Internet package specifically for watching movies.

Not only Telkomsel, IndiHome also blocked access to Netflix, even though it has now been reopened.

Indeed, there was news that there were allegations of unfair competition from PT Telkom Indonesia with Netflix.

However, answering the problem of blocking Netflix access can be easily overcome, by the way you can configure DNS on your mobile.The domain name system or DNS functions by changing the IP address into a domain address.

This is a complete way for Android and iPhone:
Watch movies on the Netflix application on an Android phone
  1. The first thing is to easily manage DNS on your Android phone, you can set DNS from configuration without downloading any application on Android 6 or higher.
  2. Configuring DNS in this Android version is based on DNS in TLS, in contrast to the usual DNS configuration. DNS configuration usually uses an address such as or
  3. However, this time setting uses a domain name like For the way I am given next, use the version of Android 9 (Pie).
  4. You can still manage it even if you use a different version of Android, except that the DNS settings in HP are different from the example.
See how to complete the following:

Step 1 - Open your cellphone settings, then select Connections.
Step 2 - Click More Connection Settings.
Step 4 - Then click Private DNS.
Step 5 - Select Private DNS provider hostname, complete the DNS address.
The DNS address you are using is Then click Save.

Step 4 - Reopen the Netflix application.
Don't forget to close Netflix first if you have opened it before configuring DNS.
Now you can watch Netflix using the Telkomsel Internet package on your Android phone.

Now you can use the Netflix application on your smartphone or android phone without experiencing problems or interference because Telkomsel and Indihome providers block your internet access to access Netflix.

Well, by doing some DNS settings on your cell phone, you can use Netflix to watch your favorite movie.