Google Adsense is one of the largest advertising service provider sites in the world. However, the requirement to be accepted as a publisher (ad publisher) is sometimes frustrating, so many bloggers choose other alternatives to advertise on their site or blog with the aim of making money.

Please also note, besides Google Adsense, there are still many ad service provider sites. Some of them do not make rules that are so strict, so many bloggers can get the opportunity to make money by placing advertisements on their blogs.
the biggest advertising service provider site in the world
In this article there are several Ad Service Provider Sites as an Adsense alternative that you can use. Please note, in addition to providing advertising services in the form of banners, some sites also implement ads in the form of Ads links. (ads in the form of links).

11 Ad Service Provider Sites To Make Money From Blogs

1. Adnow
Adnow is one of the best advertising service providers with the native advertising concept. Unlike banner ads or display advertisements that generally switch webpages to ad pages automatically.

With native advertising, advertisements that appear on webpages will resemble web content. This is a type of modern advertising that does not interfere with users.

Adnow already has 150,000 publishers and 1,700 advertisers who can help you promote products to various sites. Currently, Adnow has succeeded in producing 140 million impressions for each ad published per day.

The minimum payout is also very small at 20 US dollars, done automatically every week via wire or paypal.

2. Propeller Ads
PropellerAds pays for impressions, you simply work together and they provide content with certain conditions and the results you will enjoy.

PropellarAds is an advertising service provider site founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom. For online business people with income from advertising services, PropellerAds is no stranger.

It's just that the weight here is the minimum payment request because PropellarAds is quite famous.

They are not half-hearted for payments via PayPal at least 50 $, for payments via Payoneer at least 100 $, while for payments via Wirebank or directly to the local bank a minimum of 500 $. Then the choice is yours.

3. Yllix
Yllix opened this ad service provider site from 2012 to the present. The types of advertisements offered are quite diverse ranging from CPM (Cost Per Thousand), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action), Slider, PopUp, Layer, Mobile Redirect.

Payment is also quite easy here because we can withdraw money every day with a minimum payment of only 1 $ via PayPal & Payza and 100 $ via direct transfer to a local bank. How are you interested?

4. Safelink converter
There are 3 things for you to start with Safelink converter, from increasing revenue compared to other similar services.
1. Review your own website.
2. Increase your visitor's trust, and finally
3. Receive income in your own AdSense account.
Here there are two advertising methods provided by AdSense Based CPC and CPM. It's just that this affects the minimum payment request.

If you choose AdSense Based CPC, your payment must be 100 $ while for CPM only 20 $.

The frequency of payment from you is asking for the last 30 days, so you must really be patient to get income from this advertising service provider site.

You can also receive payments from Paypal and local banks with the terms above. There are no additional requirements for local banks.

5. Adpixo
For ad service provider sites, AdPixo is indeed a newcomer, because it was only established in 2017 in Singapore. This site is only CPV (Cost Per View) and POP.

Although fairly new, they dare to guarantee clean & quality advertising with a fairly fast payment system.

For a minimum payment, AdPixo targets 10 $ with the payment method using Paypal, Payza, and Bitcoin.

In the next few months, AdPixo can use the payment method with a local bank, although it is not certain when it will be launched.

6. BuySellAds
This advertising service provider site, which was founded in 2008, is unique and different from other advertising service sites.

In addition to offering to display advertisements, they can also market the ads that you offer. Therefore this site is named buying and selling advertisements (BuySellAds)

The system offered for those of you who want to help display advertisements in the form of CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and Auction (Auction).

The founder of the site from the United States of America applies a minimum payment of $ 20. Even though it is uncertain how vulnerable it is when they pay after you request payment, they will definitely pay.

The current payment methods are credit cards, PayPal, Check, and local banks.

7. Clicksor
Clicksor is an Ad Service Provider Site established in 2011 from the State of Canada. The types of advertisements they offer include Inline Text Links, Text Banners, Graphical Banners, Pop-Unders, and Interstitial Ads.

Although the site of this advertising service is already well-known for a long time, you should not try to pay for local banks because they give a minimum of a request of 1000 $ which is certainly doubtful to pay.

You can do the payment system through Paypal and Check, which only pays 50 $ for the minimum payment request. Payment can be done 2x a month and will be processed 15 days.

8. Chitika
Chitika was founded in May 2003 in the United States. Although the company was founded in 2003 but new internet-based advertising services began in early January 2004 until now.

The development of the advertising business is also quite satisfying with the services offered in the form of CPC, IN-TEXT, Mobile, and display ads.

Payment for Chitika is only done in 2 ways, namely via Paypal with a minimum payment request of 10 $ and check with a minimum payment request of 50 $.

For the duration of the payment process after the request is 30 days, so you must be patient enough here.

9. Bidvertiser
The Bidvertiser site was established in 2003, like Google Adsense and Overture ‘Match Content, where both advertisers and publishers have no control over ad quality, price and time.

In 2008 the Bidvertiser site was developed by Bpath to date. This ad service provider site has 3 main services, namely CPC, POP, and ebay.

For the payment method can be through Paypal, with a minimum payment of 10 $. While for the minimum payment method via check is 100 $ and for via local banks the minimum payment is 500 $.

10. RevenueHits
The RevenueHits site was founded by MyAdWise Ltd. It is a start-up company based in Israel which was founded in 2008 by a team of experienced technology professionals and financial experts and online marketers who are considered successful.

For the record, I only offer a number of sites that provide advertising services, while related to this like Israel depends on the reader, whether to use it or not

As an information provider, I will only provide information neutral.

RevenueHits is an advertising service provider site that offers lots of products for those who are truly interested.

The products or advertisements they offer are based on CPA, CPM, Display & Rich Media, Text Ads, Pop Ups / Unders, Apps & Widgets , and XML Feeds.

Minimum payment is 50 $ with the payment method in the form of PayPal and Local Bank or can be through Payoneer.

Payment will be processed no later than 30 days after you make a payment request.

11. Amazon Associates
Amazon's name for buying and selling sites is no stranger. Because before the existence of E-Commerce in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, etc. Amazon has already plunged there.

Amazon provides collaboration services in the form of affiliations, where there are those who buy Amazon products from your website so you get money as a mediator.

Actually this work, it's easy, it's difficult in my opinion. But your luck and I are not the same, so don't be pessimistic first for trying.

Those are some ad service provider sites besides Google Adsense, so you don't get disappointed if you are rejected on Google Adsense for now. You can still make money through blogs on the internet.