Instagram Insight is one of the features offered by Instagram to support business interests. Currently, there are many Instagram users who change their profile from personal accounts or personal accounts to business accounts. By changing your Instagram account into a business, you can easily monitor marketing strategies. Based on the type of feed and story posts, you can reach people for business promotion.
Instagram Guide Insight Post and Story For Beginners
How can Instagram Insight help you run a business? And how do you use it?
Help you find a business marketing strategy
In running a business through Instagram, your main goal is to market products and increase brand awareness. So that your goal is achieved, of course you have to get a report, as far as what marketing strategy you have managed to reach many followers. Just like running a business offline, you need a sales report to analyze your previous achievements and determine the next sales strategy.

On Instagram, you can find out this by looking at the Instagram Insight section. Instagram Insight will provide a report in the form of graphics and information about the performance of the marketing strategies that you run and how they affect the followers. Are there followers who are interested in clicking and visiting your profile? Are there new followers that you can pull from feed or story uploads? Or even your posts are able to reach more people outside the circle of followers?
  • Things like this are what you will get by using Instagram Insight. On some Insight tabs on your Instagram profile, there are several sections that show Activity, Content, and Audience.
  • Activity allows you to see how interactions are made by followers; profile visits and click websites and also graphs about the number of people who see your posts along with the impressions made.
  • Content makes it easy for you to find the number of posts that you have uploaded in the past few days, whether it's a feed or story, and posts that are promoted.
  • In the Audience section, it is explained more about the number of followers, their city and country of origin, age, gender, and how long they spent on average on Instagram. There is also information that shows when is the best day to post because it is the most crowded when followers visit Instagram.
  • Of all the information displayed by Instagram Insight, of course you know, how to maximize
Instagram for business while planning the next marketing strategy?
  • Guide to using Instagram Insight on posts and stories
  • Change account settings into a business account
  • Before you start using Instagram Insight, you must first change your account from personal to business. Here's how easy it is:
  • Login on Instagram and open your profile. In the settings section (three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the IG profile) look for the Settings or Settings option at the bottom.
  • Next, look for the Account or Account option then select Switch to Business Account (Change to Business Account). Follow a number of steps requested by Instagram to complete it. You can also choose to connect your Instagram account with Facebook.
Start accessing the Insight feature on Instagram
  • Click the Insight option, the main menu options will appear; Activity, Content, and
  • Let's start with the Interactions section on the menu There you will see a graph and a number that shows how many people did your profile visit your Instagram account. The Interactions section calculates how many actions people take when viewing content that you upload.
  • Then there is Discovery that shows how many people have seen the content that you uploaded and where they found your content. In the Reach section you can see how many accounts have been reached by your Instagram account. In the Impressions section, displays the number of impressions obtained by your Instagram content.
  • Next, you can switch to the tab. The first thing you can see on this tab is the number of posts that you upload in a certain period of time. In the Posts section, try clicking the See All section to see all published content.
  • After all your posts appear, you will know in more detail, how many accounts have been reached by the post. To get more detailed information, you can click on these posts.
  • At the bottom of Content, you will also find this section containing your content data uploaded using the Instagram Story feature. In the Reach section you can know how many accounts see your story. In Impressions, you get a number that shows how many times your story is seen. Then there are also Exits that show accounts that pass story or skip. In Replies, you will know the number of replies left.
  • At the very bottom of the Content tab, there are Promotions that show your promotional activities through Instagram. Finally, there is an Audience tab that gives you information about followers. Here, you can know their gender, location, age, hours and days active on Instagram.
Access Insight for each post on Instagram
  • Business account users can also see Insight for each post. Especially the content in the form of feeds by clicking on the post.
  • Enter on your Instagram profile. See the feed that you have posted. Choose one post that you want to see the Insight.
  • When the post is open, select View Insight at the bottom. Next you can see how many likes you get. There are also comments left, how many accounts share your posts to those who deviate from those posts.
Maximize Instagram Insight for business needs
  • After knowing how to use Instagram Insight, maybe some of you are still confused, what is the importance of using this feature. Let's look at the following explanation:
  • Understand the needs of followers with Instagram Insight
  • Based on the engagement obtained from Instagram content, adjustments are easier to do. This condition makes it easy for you to create similar content.
  • Know who your customers are
  • Knowing the details of each of your followers on Instagram can give you an idea of ​​what content they want and need. For example, you are engaged in an online clothing shop. From Insight's data, it is known that your followers are mostly women aged 17 to 30 years who live in Jakarta.
  • That is, clothing products must conform to the criteria of followers. It is important to note that sales can be increased.
Know the strategies that must be applied
The data provided by Instagram Insight facilitates the evaluation process. That way, you can monitor the performance of marketing through social media. If the planned strategy is successful, then you must defend it. But if the strategy that is implemented does not work well, then you have to find another way, armed with the information that has been obtained.

Apparently, if traced a lot of benefits provided by Instagram Insight. Come on, maximize this feature as well as possible to support your business development. Good luck and good luck