Ramadhan month is the most anticipated month for Muslims, How not? Yep not like the months usually in this month of Ramadan there are many things or moments that occur. Because it comes for once a year, many welcome it with the likes of all Muslims in the world vying for worship in doing good. In the holy month of Ramadhan, don't be surprised if you see some things that don't happen like the usual month, are you curious? Let's see what things happen during the fasting month.
Interesting Things That Happen During the Fasting Month
1. Open Together
The first interesting thing is to open together. Before entering the month of Ramadan or fasting, there is usually a plan to hold a joint opening whether it's a plan that becomes real or just a discourse hehe. Actually this activity is more to enjoy togetherness, to establish friendship with friends, family and others compared to the meal of breaking their fast.

2. Syrup Ads
It is no stranger, it seems that if entering the holy month of Ramadan, there will be an advertisement for syrup, either at dawn or before breaking the fast. Maybe because the taste is sweet and fresh, the sob mangkan always appears during the fasting month where we are holding thirst.

3. Discounts everywhere
Massive discounts sometimes make us eager to buy products that are discounted when in fact the items you buy do not need, but because of large discounts and everywhere makes you interested and makes you dark eyes. It is not wrong to buy items that are being discounted but buy the items according to your needs, unfortunately the THR money you get runs out for items that you don't need.

4. Ngabuburit and Takjil
Ngabuburit tradition is an activity to spend time before breaking the fast by walking, shopping, playing or doing other activities. While ngabuburit do not forget to buy takjil, traders usually sell their wares such as fruit ice, cendol, compote, etc. on the side of the road.

5. Awaken the Sahur
This activity might be a unique tradition from earlier times, bro. Activities where children and adolescents gather around 2 am to get ready to wake up the sahur. Usually they prepare tools to wake people up with drums, basins, batons for security posts, buckets and other tools. If you wake someone else apart from the month of Ramadhan it might be cursed, bro, but in the month of Ramadhan this awakens other people who are not complained because the noise that is generated is quite pleasant, huh.

The final word
Now that was 5 interesting things that existed during the fasting month, bro, what do you think? Please comment below ~ hope you guys enjoy reading my article. Share this article if you like it