List of the Original Biggest Indonesian Startup Companies - Some of you may not know what a startup is? Startup is a company that was recently built and is in the phase of development and research to find the right target. The development of technology seems to be directly proportional to the progress of an economy in the past 5 years, many startup companies have started to emerge including in Indonesia.
List of the Original Biggest Indonesian Startup Companies
Some startup companies whose success began to be calculated in the eyes of the world in Indonesia. What are the biggest startup companies in Indonesia? Read the article below

1. Go-Jek
Go-jek was founded by a young entrepreneur named Nadiem Makarim in 2010. Go-jek is a startup company with a mission to improve the welfare and livelihood of workers from sharing the informal sector in Indonesia. Its growth is still ongoing, they began to expand to other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore. As the first startup company to get a Unicorn degree in Indonesia, it is reported that Go-jek has a valuation equivalent to 136 Trillion rupiahs, or 9 billion USD.

2. Tokopedia
Startup made by William Tanuwjiaya duet with Leontinus Alpha Edison was established on August 17, 2009 engaged in e-commerce precisely the e-commerce marketplace. As the largest platform marketplace in Indonesia, Tokopedia has thousands of merchants and consumers who have participated in improving the Indonesian economy and status as the largest shopping site in Indonesia. Tokopedia received a Unicorn title after six years of existence despite having to be satisfied after being ranked second and having a valuation value of 102 trillion rupiah or 7 billion USD.

3. Traveloka
This startup was founded by Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma, and Albert Zhang in 2012. Traveloka provides tourism services with fairly complete features for traveling business such as booking airplane tickets, trains, hotel rooms, etc. At present, Traveloka has reached several countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Traveloka now has a valuation of more than 26.6 trillion rupiahs, equivalent to 2 billion USD and gets the fastest Unicorn title from the two previous startup companies.

4. Bukalapak
Bukalapak was founded by Ahmad Zaky in January 10, 2010. Just like Tokopedia, bukalapak is an e-commerce marketplace platform that connects sellers and buyers. Until now, more than 50% of Bukalapak users make transactions most often using smartphones, at least 2 million users visit the site in 1 day. Bukalapak now holds Unicorn status by having a valuation value of 1 billion USD, equivalent to 13.5 trillion rupiah

Well, that's the biggest startup company and the best in Indonesia which has a rapid growth rate. To become the biggest startup is certainly not easy, it needs hard work, commitment and strong determination. Getting up in business is normal, bro, how do we get back up from difficult times that must be considered. Hopefully those of you who have plans to develop a startup are inspired by the 4 companies above, bro