Features in the computer are very many while people who don't really understand the feature. One of them is the Ping CMD feature in Windows that works to help users find out whether the computer network is good or bad. Ping's order was first coined by Mike Muss in 1983 to see where the problem was on a computer.
Ping CMD Command Function on Windows
Initially, the work of the feature was inspired by the workings of sonar on submarines. This Sonar can send signals to find objects around. This also applies to Ping which can send signals in the form of packages in monitoring problems on the computer. Then, what is Ping MCD, function and use it? Following is a brief review.

Ping CMD Definition
Ping is actually an acronym for Gopher Packet Internet, which is a device in Windows that is commonly used in checking connections on a computer that are connected to each other. The method can be done by sending an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) message in the IP address. In general, this feature can only be used when the computer has an internet connection.

Ping has a way of working by sending ICMP_ECHO packages and some data to a host. The destination host will provide a reply with the ICMP_ECHOREPLAY package. To be able to activate this Ping feature, you can type certain codes as follows:
  • Ping -t: To make an order to the destination host continuously
Ping -a: Used for ping commands in searching for the domain name of the destination computer. For example, if you enter Ping -a, the hostname will appear from Google.com.

Ping -w: This ping command can be used by users to set request timeouts in milliseconds. This time period can also be adjusted to your needs, for example ping -w 10000 Google.com, the interval is 10000 milisecond, equivalent to 10 seconds.

Ping CMD function
Ping CMD on Windows has various functions and is very useful for its users. Especially in the use of the internet and computer devices themselves. The first function of Ping CMD is to be able to check troubleshooting on a computer network. Second, you can check internet connection on a network. If you ping and reply, that means the computer is connected to the internet. However, if you do not get a reply, you will need to check again whether there is a cable that is detached or the LAN card is damaged.

Not only serves to check connections, the third Ping CMD function you can see the quality of network connections. When you ping a host, a lost packet statistic will appear that shows zero or usually 0% lost, so you can be sure the quality of the internet connection is in good condition.

In addition, the existence of Ping CMD in Windows can describe the availability of bandwidth. For example, if the bandwidth runs out, the Time statistic will increase. Internet service providers will also usually provide ping bandwidth specifically.

Use Ping CMD on Windows
Testing Ping CMD on Windows is not that difficult. Some steps you can take are as follows:
First you click on the Windows Start Menu, then click RUN, and type CMD and OK. Then a display will appear on the screen, you can type Ping google.com. This is to check whether your computer is connected to Google or not.

When a reply appears with writing in the form of certain codes, it means that the computer is in good condition and connected. However, if Request Time Out appears, the computer is not connected and has a problem.

That is a little understanding and function of Ping CMD on Windows. If the computer is connected to the internet