The National Electricity Company (PLN) presents electricity services for the people of Indonesia. This electricity service is divided into two payment systems. We know it with a prepaid payment system and a postpaid payment system. These two payment systems are actually already widely used in various types of residential houses. Whether the various building concepts are used, starting from a simple minimalist house with a variety of minimalist home designs to modern European home designs can use this system.
Prepaid Electricity or Postpaid Electricity
Both of these payment systems are actually often compared to each other. Until finally the question arises, which is more efficient where is prepaid or postpaid electricity? To answer these questions, you need to know in advance about the prepaid and postpaid payment systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Here is a second description, see!

Postpaid Electricity
The postpaid electricity payment system is the main product offered by Pohak PLN. This service gives customers the freedom to use electricity first for one month, only after paying the usage fee for the following month. With this payment system, the PLN must record the electricity meter in homes and calculate the amount of usage. After that they will issue a number of bills charged to the customer.

If accidentally or intentionally the user is late in making payments or not paying bills at all, then the PLN can decide on local residential electricity as a form of sanction. The PLN payment process with this system can also be done through banks, online PLN services to third parties who provide payment services. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a postpaid electricity system, namely:

Power sources are always available until the deadline for your payment to arrive at the end of the month.You do not have to bother going to buy or fill electricity tokens to be able to use electronics at home.However, use that is not properly controlled can cause leakage of electricity use.This method also allows the user to overpaid the PLN, so that the PLN finally gives strict actions to the user such as giving a fine or immediately disconnecting the electricity.Because PLN officials often check the meter at home, the privacy of residents will be a little less awake.

Prepaid Electricity
Prepaid electricity is an electricity payment system which is often referred to as smart electricity. This service is still relatively new and allows its customers to control their own electricity consumption every month. With this service, you will need a credit or electricity token to be used for a full month.

Broadly speaking, the service system is the same as using a prepaid card. By purchasing electricity pulses, you will get a quota according to the amount of credit purchased. Then you can use the quota until it runs out. To get a prepaid electricity token, you can buy it through ATM outlets in a number of banks or you can also go through a payment agent such as minimatket. Applications such as PLN Mobile can also facilitate you in the process of purchasing tokens.

The prepaid payment system also has several advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the descriptions, see!
  1. Users can better control the expenditure of electricity every day.
  2. Daily electricity usage can be adjusted to the budget purchased.
  3. Avoid getting fines or late payments.
  4. Purchases of tokens can be done in various places and are easy to find.
  5. This payment system is very suitable for rented or boarding houses.
  6. This payment system is also up to date with changes in electricity rates from the government. Therefore, when you want to buy the token amount obtained in the form of kwH, not in the value of the rupiah.
  7. If you make excessive use until finally the electricity quota runs out, the electricity in your house will immediately die. However, there is still an alarm notification when your quota has reached 10 kwH.
  8. In some cases, it is often found to be a problem with gas or purchasing electricity tokens.
  9. The use of an electric meter is sometimes much more sensitive and easily damaged.
When compared to the two, it is more efficient where prepaid or postpaid electricity, both of these service systems each have advantages and disadvantages. But in prepaid electricity services, you can still control daily electricity usage. This step can reduce unused electronic use and prevent waste.

If you use postpaid electricity, you will pay a number of electricity bills with the amount of electricity you want at the beginning. Even if you experience a reduction in electricity usage, the number paid will not change. It's different if you use prepaid system services. Your electricity bill really refers to daily electricity consumption for the month. Therefore, when it comes to saving more money on prepaid or postpaid electricity, everything returns again to the amount of electricity you use every month. Thus the above description has summarized all the questions that you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck