Online business becomes a home business opportunity with small capital that can be started. In addition to practical and economical space, home-based online businesses also have the potential to generate turnover of up to millions of rupiah each month. Online home business opportunities are still very open and can be run as a home business housewife.
Small Business Home Business Opportunities
However, even though the desire to start a home online business is quite large. For some people still afraid to run it because of the lack of information about online business opportunities and how to run it. Indeed, the ratio of online media users is more applicable as a buyer than a seller. In fact, this ratio proves that online business opportunities are quite large, right?

Harvest in Online Fields
Being a person who depends his life on an online business is not difficult in the present. Given that almost everyone in Indonesia has the simplest capital to start its first online business, namely a smartphone. Not just having it, but also using it is already a common thing. Minimum, most people now understand how to use social media.

To get reliable results from the online world, in addition to having physical capital called a smartphone. Of course, it must also be helped by several marketing tools. One of them is using a website. The advantage of using a website is that it is unlimited to be set according to our wishes. We can use the website as a place of sale as well as a place to share testimonials from our buyers.

The Simplest Home Business Opportunity
Dropshipping is arguably one of the simplest home business opportunities. This system is another name for performance. Dropshipping is easily done by using the simplest capital, namely a smartphone and of course the internet network.

You can start a business without capital in several ways;

Dropship from E-commerce
By using the "send as dropshipper" feature through e-commerce sites like Tokopedia, you can sell people's products through your own page. For example, selling women's care products in your own shop on Tokopedia, but the products use products from other stores.

Or this system can also be done through the website and the delivery and payment of products can be through e-commerce used. Dropship using e-commerce is easier because payments can be mediated by third parties such as Tokopedia as an account with it. Of course this will give a sense of security to prospective customers.

Dropship from other stores
The next home business opportunity is dropship from another store. For example, there is an offline store or trader through Instagram that has abundant product stock, usually opening a cooperation system in this way. So these business people can indirectly "sell" not through e-commerce or their own website (if any). But selling through a website that you have yourself.

Dropship without using an e-commerce site is quite profitable for the seller. Because incoming funds can be immediately circulated or can immediately pay for products purchased at first before reselling. However, what needs to be considered is to build trust in customers who buy through the path you provide.

Is there a little capital? Try to become a reseller
Being a reseller of a product can be done if you have a little more capital. Becoming a reseller tends to be more profitable than being a dropshipper because the prices of products obtained will be cheaper. A reseller usually gets a discount for buying wholesale products from a manufacturer.

This product that is purchased wholesale can even be sold on par with the price of the product at the end user. To market the product reselling also tends to be easy because it has a direct product. So whether it is sold through e-commerce or through a personal website, it can. Another advantage is fast response when prospective buyers ask about product availability or product photos in real time.

Have a product? Nice! Let's Make a Champion Brand
A problem that is common in Indonesia that, not all product owners can sell their products. However, in fact the product is in demand when bought wholesale by people who have brands that many people already know. For example, for example, a printing hijab fabric factory in Pekalongan that sells its products to a well-known brand. The price of this "raw product" is then doubled when labeled with a brand.

Creating a famous brand is actually quite easy, and can be a profitable home business opportunity. Having a brand can bring products directly to consumers. Through awareness arising from the product and brand, consumers will not think the umpteenth time to buy the product you produce. To create awareness of the product, some basic research needs to be done, to find out the market potential and how to move it.

Building your own brand is the best way to get the most profits compared to the previous two ways. This is because having a brand for the product itself will generate potential profits of more than 120%. This potential is achieved from the margin of production with the selling price of the end user.

Other Home-Based Business Opportunities
Not only comes from the distribution process, reselling, and producing products that can be done to gain profit from the Internet. There are still many ways you can do besides trading. The following are some of the online home business opportunities that can be done;

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is the process of marketing a product (usually digital) through a special link that is distributed by a Merketer. A marketer can market these affiliate links through social media or websites. Usually a marketer who uses this method to make a profit is someone who also applies as a blogger. But it does not rule out the possibility of people who do not work as bloggers.

If you are a person who likes to play internet and write. Being a blogger is a home business opportunity that can be done. Being a person who has a blog on the Internet has the opportunity to generate income from many things. For example, you can sell directly to the readers of his blog, become an affiliate marketing. Or even get passive income from ads that he put on the blog.

The main requirement that must be owned when wanting to become a blogger is of course a personal website. This blog / website can then be filled at will, but it will be more valuable if you have a special theme in each content. A blog that has content / articles that focus on certain things is more likely to get specific market shares and certain targets. This theme is then the chance to bring in advertisers or products that are suitable, to advertise on our blog.

There is so much that can be done in the internet world, even so with a home business opportunity that can be run online. From now on your online business, don't wait for tomorrow because the opportunities are still very large. Ready to start your online home business