WordPress Popup is a small window that appears on a web page that aims to attract engagement from visitors to a website. This WordPress popup is very effective for increasing the number of visitors to your website, as well as taking actions such as subscribing to newsletters, filling out forms, subscribing to blogs, to invitations to buy products.
The Best WordPress Popup Plugin in 2019
Although many website owners are hesitant to use website popup plugins for fear of making it a 'nuisance' for website visitors, this popup offers greater benefits to increase visitor engagement. One thing that you definitely have to do so that the website popup plugin doesn't look annoying is to design it as interesting as possible.

If you are a website owner and plan to create a popup plugin in WordPress, here are some references to the best WordPress popup plugin ideas.

Popup Maker
Popup Maker is one of the best and free WordPress popup plugins that you can choose. The user has almost reached 300 thousand. Popup Maker offers a variety of features that you can choose and customize with the WordPress concept, ranging from slide-outs, banners, notifications, floating stickies, bars, and loading screens. Even though it's not a pure opt-in email form popup plugin, you can easily add an email costume form from various popular email services or various other types of content to the Popup Maker window.

This Popup Maker plugin has unlimited potential. You can find everything you need to make popups on your site such as slide outs, banner bars, and floating sticky. In addition, this application also supports various of the most popular form builder plugins such as ninja forms and garvity forms.

This website popup plugin provides two versions that you can choose from, free and pro. The free version of the Sumo popup plugin has relatively limited features compared to similar free popup plugins. The free version only offers welcome features, lightbox popup, floating opt-in, and slide-in opt-in. You can enjoy these features just by signing up for the Sumo popup plugin. If you want to use another popup plugin feature from Sumo, you only have to upgrade to the pro version with a paid premium account.

Woo Popup
Woo Popup is a popup plugin that is used to display a popup window by displaying text, links, images, and shortcodes on the selected page. When applied to WordPress, this plugin serves to present all the information needed by your customers. That way the customer will not feel disturbed because of the appearance of this popup because it contains useful information.

Optin Monster
The website popup plugin Optin Monster is among the most popular to use on WordPress. The users themselves have reached 800 thousand and are increasing. Optin Monster has basic features such as a lightbox popup, fullscreen popup, and floating bars that you can use for free. However, if you want more or more sophisticated features, you must upgrade your account by paying US $ 19 per month.

Popup Builder
Popup Builder is a popup plugin that has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on WordPress sites. With Popup Builder, you can create popups that attract the attention of website visitors. You can set the theme, color, and size of the popup according to the theme of your WordPress website.

This Popup Builder provides two versions, free and pro. The free version of Popup Builder can accommodate basic popup needs. However, if you want to add features, you can buy licenses starting at US $ 49.

Now, there are some choices of website popup plugins that you can choose. If you only need basic features, you can simply use a free popup plugin like Popup Maker. But if your online store needs more features, you can choose the pro version of the paid plugin feature like that of Sumo or Optin Monster and Popup Builder.