In this article we will discuss Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat. Are you familiar with these terms? Relax, the discussion this time is still related to techno, not a matter of hat colors. The three terms mentioned earlier are closely related to the world of hacking.
The Difference Between Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat
Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat are terms used to refer to hackers based on their purpose when hacking a system or program. The purpose of hackers is indeed very diverse, there are those that aim positively but some are negative. The way they work is legal and illegal.

Now let's discuss about three categories of hackers: Black Hat, White Hat, and Gray Hat.

Black hat
Black is often identified with negative things. Including when grouping hackers. The hackers who are in the Black or Black Hat category are those who do hacking by illegally hacking systems or programs. The goal is not exactly good because they do hacking to retrieve personal data from internet users such as passwords to phone numbers. They also sometimes spread viruses to other devices.

From the stolen personal data they can get a big profit. The data if sold can have a very high price because there are many who want it. These actions clearly harm and endanger the hacked system.

White hat
Besides Black Hat hackers, there are also White Hat hackers. You could say White Hat is the opposite of Black Hat. If Black Hat uses hacking capabilities to steal personal data and other criminal actions, White Hat is just the opposite. They tried to hack the system or program to be able to find a security hole. White Hat also works according to regulations and through legal methods. With this "noble" goal, White Hat is often called a good hacker.

Generally, White Hat is recruited by a company to work with their developer team. White Hat will look for security holes from the system that the developer made. Thus, the system created can be safer and the risk of data leakage can be minimized.

Gray Hat
It turns out that even among Black Hat and White Hat, there is a hacker group. They are called Gray Hat. Gray Hat cannot be categorized as Black Hat or White Hat because they operate by combining both methods. Gray Hat applies Blackh Hat hacker methods, but at the same time they also use methods similar to White Hat hackers.

For example, when they hack a system or program, Gray Hat does it illegally like a Black Hat hacker. However, unlike Black Hat hackers who leave damage to the system, Gray Hat returns the system as it always is like a White Hat hacker so that nothing happens to the system. Simply put, it can be concluded that the goal of Gray Hat to hack the system is simply to test capabilities.

After knowing the types of hackers, you can conclude that not all hackers are criminals. There are also hackers who work legally and have special permission to hack systems, namely White Hat hackers. On the other hand, there are hackers who cannot be said to be good, but also are not criminals. They are Gray Hat hackers. Hopefully this review can change your perception of hackers which is always synonymous with negative images